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About 99 Bricks LOG

Not one game has brought the castle building market so many fusions of different games to create a truly magnificent game. This game comes under the title of 99 Bricks: Legend of Garry.

The game's premise is straightforward; you (Garry) have to save the town of Brickonia by stacking countless bricks and defeating increasingly tough puzzles. The concept is clear, but it is the way the developers have set up the game, which has made sure this game will stick in the minds of castle gamers for years to come.

To control the blocks you need to use the arrow keys to direct them, then the up key or space turns the block clockwise. On some levels, you may be able to get rid of the block that is next in the series, to 'delete' the block you have to push C. On other levels you can also press V to undo the last block that you have placed. Both of these features can only be used a limited number of times on the majority of levels, so you need to make sure you use them only when needed.

In the story mode of 99 Bricks Legend of Garry, players complete a set amount of levels, picking up gold along the way. One of the great things about this game is that different levels contain different missions; this ensures that the game does not get boring. For example, on one level you will have to make sure you stack your blocks to a pre-determined height, while, on the next level, you will have to make sure you stack every brick under a certain height.

As you progress through the story mode, the levels naturally progress in difficulty, and you will also unlock different blocks, which are harder to place.

On top of the story mode, there is also a classic mode, which allows you to stack blocks without the 'worry' of any restrictions; this is a notable feature to have on a game like this as it allows you to decide what you want to play.

While many block gamers will instantly link this game to Tetris, the reality is that this game is far from the old school classic. The main reason for this is the story mode, which develops a humorous setup alongside terrific but different game play. This means that this is a game that should be played by all dedicated block gamers.