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About Archerland

Archerland game is a tower defence game by Skyward Games. This flash game, which combines a strategy aspect with the typical defence style game that we have become used to, and this game has become a unique addition to the tower-defence genre of games. In Archerland, players build archer towers along a winding road in hopes of keeping the enemy from reaching their fortress. The fortress, itself, however, can be protected by upgrades. Additionally, players can purchase upgraded structures to add to the arsenal.

The main premise of the game is to build a town and protect it from the enemy's siege. The life bar represents the life of the town. Once the town runs out of life, the game is over. Mangonels and cannons are built along the path, to keep enemies from progressing farther down the road, toward the castle. Additionally, pits are placed on the path to slow down the enemy as they pass. Towers are the main source of defence in Archerland, as they house the archers. Each tower regenerates itself a new archer weekly.

To access the building menu, you must click on the castle icon on the right side of the screen, press the "c" key on the keyboard, or click directly on the castle. In this menu, players may build structures to assist their defences. As it takes some time to build structures, players are limited to one new building per day. This menu features a brief description of each structure, which tells price and advantages of each structure. Structures currently unavailable are shown in red, while available buildings have a brown frame. These structures include forts, upgrades to the fort walls, forges, housing, wood and stone fabricators, and markets. In addition, there are four types of archer towers:

  • Archer - Common archers wielding common archery weapons.
  • Steel Archers - High-range archers with strong steel arrows.
  • Fire Archers - Archers that shoot flaming arrows.
  • Poison Archers - Archers armed with poison arrows, which will slow down and gradually kill the enemy.

To access the upgrades for weaponry, you must click on the item which has already been placed on the playing field. In this upgrade menu, a description of the weapon, its upgrade, and the cost of this upgrade is provided for players to make an informed decision on which upgrade will suit them the best. To select the upgrade, players can press the "u" key or click on the "upgrade" button. Additionally, in this menu, players may "remove" the item and move it to a new spot on the playing field. However, if players decide to move a tower or weapon, all upgrades previously placed on this weapon will be lost, and it will be reset to the standard setting.

Archerland game can be played at the rookie, skilled, and expert levels. Additionally, the game features a helpful walk through of the game for new players. The game has simplistic background sounds, which go well with the visually uncluttered graphics. The game is full of strategic opportunities and relies heavily on its many upgrades and engrossing enemies.