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About Battlegrounds 1

Battlegrounds 1 game was created by Joelasticot via Armor Games. The game was originally created as an entry into an Armor Games game-creating contest. However, since the game was uploaded it has become one of the most popular defence games and had a second commissioned. The soundtrack is an exciting background to the simple artwork of the game, which is colourful and well done. The game takes players on a journey through the countryside, killing enemies along the way.

The main premise of Battlegrounds 1 is to take the troops through the woods and engage them in battle, earning gold to put towards building an all-out army. The game is vastly different from many other battle games, where the enemy comes to the hero; in this case, the hero seeks out the enemy on his quest. The battles are short but are also deadly; if every member of the army dies, the game is over.

The game incorporates a combination of mouse clicking and keyboard controls. To select a unit, press SHIFT and then click on their desired unit. When players want to deploy a unit, they simply combine the CONTROL key and then click on the unit to send. To send them into retreat, use a combination of CONTROL+SPACEBAR+CLICK. To control multiple units at a time, click the mouse on one unit and drag their cursor over the other desired units.

At the top of the screen, the amount of gold earned thus far is displayed, along with a button to pause the game, the current wave number, and the number of units selected of the entire army. There are also white bubbles at the top of the screen, which contain available spells for casting. The name of the spell is accompanied by the amount of magic needed to cast said spell. To deploy these spells, click on the spell and then press the SPACEBAR when they are ready to send it into the battlefield.

Magic power is earned throughout the game and the power bar slowly refills itself until it reaches the maximum. In addition to the magic power, a Mage will enter the battle as the game progresses. The Mage is a strong ally and cannot die, but instead beams himself into the castle to regenerate his health so that he may return to battle.

The way the game is controlled defines the difference between this game and every other defence game. This game is not like other defences because your army finds your enemy, and not the other way round.

Between levels, players enter a menu to purchase upgrades, save the game, improve upon the player's base, view the inventory, and see all completed battles up unto that point. At this menu, players can also view their castle, assessing their need for such upgrades. Soldiers are trained within the castle by clicking building for use and then on the unit for selection. Additionally, this is the place where new soldiers are purchased.

Battlegrounds 1 game is a unique battle/defence game that sets itself apart from other defence games in the way it sets up. It features strong background music, attractive graphics, and a wonderfully helpful guide.

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