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About Battle grounds 2

Battle grounds 2 game is the sequel to the popular first game created by a competition winner. This battle game follows the human army as it seeks out to destroy the invasion of the Orc race. This new version of Battlegrounds features many new items, which set it apart from the original game.

Players can customize their knight from head to toe. The first order of business is to name the knight. Next, players are able to outfit the hero with a weapon, which is selected from three options. Next, the knight's armour, shield, and helmet can be selected from three options, as well. The next significant difference in Battlegrounds 2 is that players have missions to accomplish, which are either to protect a hero or to protect the heroes castle. Each mission differs in its details, however, the game prefaces each mission with a brief overview, including the objectives. Additionally, these objectives may be referred to by clicking the "Objectives" button at the top of the screen at any point in the game. There are nine missions in total. These begin with straightforward accomplishments such as building houses, or defending their castle from a surprise attack, and culminate in one extensive final battle. Each successful mission earns a coin, which can be used to exchange for upgrades at the game's original menu.

The game controls are much more efficient than the previous edition. Players now simply click on the hero with their mouse and then double-click on the spot to which they would like their hero to travel. To deselect a hero you can either click the "Deselect" button in the upper right-hand corner or press the W key on the keyboard. To pan view, you should press and hold down the respective arrow key. Players can also place soldiers into teams or units, being able to be called up as a group. To do this, you need to select the desired soldiers and click CTRL and any number from 1-9 to create a hot key for that unit in the future. From then on, every time the player wishes to deploy that entire unit, they simply click the appropriately numbered space. To add troops to the game players must first build a barracks and then select their desired barracks to choose a soldier. Each soldier takes a few seconds to be trained, so this action must be done in a timely manner.

The maker of Battlegrounds 2, Joelasticot, took time to create a tutorial level that allows players to be walked through the game at a slow pace and with full assistance and instruction. The tutorial takes players through all elements of the entire game play and is highly useful to even veterans of Battlegrounds games because this sequel has new items, hotkeys, and controls.

The newer version of Battlegrounds shows considerable evolution by the game's creator. The game features more depth in play, while still sticking to its exceptionally humble battle-genre roots, which make it almost entirely different from other defence games.