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About Castle Clout 1

Presented by Krazy Letter, Castle Clout 1 is a game consisting of three key elements: destruction, physics, and timing. Players employ the swinging arm of a trebuchet to launch stones at castle-like structures in an attempt to topple them. Each level has five chances at lobbing stones at the castle. It was the game that inspired the creation of the famous crush the castle.

The game controls are straightforward: the space bar sets the trebuchet arm in motion and a second hit to the space bar releases the projectile. The projectile then soars through the air and, if thrown well, crashes into the castle walls.

The arrow keys, right and left, cause the camera to pan for full view of the battlefield. At the top of the screen, a scoring ratio is shown. The top number represents the score for the current level so far. The bottom number represents the level of upgrade to which the player has progressed. There is an upgrade from the standard Small Stone projectile to a Large Stone at the 5000 level. While the size of the projectile does help the plight, a quality weight on the trebuchet makes the shots easier to time, making for a more precise shot.

Castle Clout 1 game upgrades include switching out the standard Stone weight for a Lead weight at 10000 points or a Steel weight at 15000. The simple Stone weight is the only provided option at the beginning of the game so Castle Clout 1 game starts out as a fairly difficult challenge. The rudimentary weight and projectile offer little in the way of precision or leverage when you start off the game. Once better weights and larger stones become available, the game takes on an entirely new persona and becomes more difficult than just trying to make the minimum amount of points to progress; It turns into an all-out battle to score personal bests scores, knock off more heads, or kill more guys in one blow.

Castle Clout 1 has a unique scoring method. Unlike other games, the score is not only calculated by the carnage, but also amount of damage unleashed upon the castle. Additionally, players earn extra points for direct hits upon the enemy, which causes the enemy's head to roll, literally. There is a significant bonus for killing the King. This bonus is only awarded if he is dead, not injured. In addition, a bonus for knocking down the enemy flag earns extra points.

At each level, players must reach a certain point mark to progress onto the next round. After seven levels of clouting, players enter a Bonus Round, which places a long line of soldiers in the field and one King in their midst. The goal is to knock them all down like dominoes or bowling pins for an extra score bonus. Additionally, the game offers a "Build Your Own" option for players to create their own castles and practice against their own creations.

Offering uncomplicated graphics and humorous sound effects, the game shines in its simplicity. Castle Clout 1 game follows the genre perfectly, while still adding its own scoring methods and entertaining upgrades. Castle Clout is an understated yet enjoyable diversion for fans of destructive physics-based flash games.

If you enjoyed smashing down castle walls and killing kings in this game, theres more fun to come, why not have a go at more levels in Caste Clout 2: Return of the King.