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About Castle Clout 2: Return of the King

In an anticipated sequel to Castle Clout, Krazy Letter presents the Castle Clout 2 game: Return of The King. Players find themselves back on the same battlefield as in the original game, aiming a trebuchet at rough images of castles in an attempt to destroy the enemy structures. With 15 more levels than the first Castle Clout game and 2 more ammunition upgrades, Castle Clout 2: Return of the King brings a lot of extra material to new and existing gamers.

The goal of the game is to load a trebuchet with projectiles and launch them at a castle to topple it to the ground. Players must have excellent instincts to be successful, as the rudimentary stone weight and projectile initially offered do nothing to assist the plight. Players press the space bar to set the trebuchet arm in a swinging motion and then press the space bar a second time to release the ammunition. Players have five shots to complete each level, and the level continues until all five shots have been used. Points are earned for more than just killing the inhabitants of the castle. Players also earn points for the amount of damage done to the castle, itself. Players can also earn bonus points for direct hits on soldiers, causing them to lose their heads and emit a groan or grunt. There are also bonuses for knocking over the enemy flag, crushing the castle walls, and killing The King. The bonuses rise significantly for shots that are more precise.

The farther into the castle clout 2 game players go the more chances they will have at optimizing their offence and creating a strong attack against the enemy. As the score rises, the optional equipment unlocks. There are three additional projectiles to unlock Larger Stones (10000 points), Stone Clusters (20000 points), and Bombs (40000 points). Better weight on the trebuchet aids a more precise and stronger shot. The standard stone weight can be changed out for a steel weight at 20000 points, and upgraded even further at 40000 to a lead weight.

The game features a "Build Your Own" section. Players can access this area through the Menu. The "Build Your Own" section allows players to create castles using the same materials with which the game designers created their castles. Once players create the strongest castle they can, they can place Kings and Soldiers in the castle. After the entire process is complete, players test their defensive castle-building skills against their own trebuchet skills and gain mastery through practice.

As a strong sequel, Castle Clout 2: Return of The King offers 22 levels and more upgrades than the original. Castle Clout 2: Return of the King is an immense advancement in comparison to its remarkably undemanding predecessor. While both games are incredibly similar in simplicity, graphics, and sound effects, it is the improvements upon the first game that make Return of the King such an accomplishment. The game is an incredible sequel that stays heavily upon its roots and adds more entertainment and skill levels than the original.