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About Castle Quest

In a gaming world that contains both monsters and mummy's there needs to be a hero. In the castle quest game, you can be the hero. In this guide, we will explore what type of game castle quest is, and find out if it is any good, or if it just blends into the crowd.

Castle quest is a third person fighter/RPG; personally I love these games because they remind me of the arcade machines, which are often played for hours on end.

When you start the game, the first thing you have to do is enter your name, and then you get underway it is as painless as that, no storyline, no glitz or glamour, just straight into the action. Your controls are also straightforward; the left and right arrow keys move left and right, up is to jump, and down to block but only when it unlocks. Numbers 1 - 6 are your attack buttons, and there is nothing else.

When you start, you will soon realise that you can only use number 1 to attack, this is because you unlock the rest of the 5 attacks as you progress through the game. In the top left hand corner, you will see three 'bars'. The red bar is your life bar, the blue bar is a mana bar, and the green bar is a point's bar. You receive two points per kill when you start, and when you reach the amount specified in the green bar you receive a talent point. Talent points can be used to upgrade your offence and defence.

The numbers 1 to 6 on the left-hand side are your attack numbers, even if you have all 6 filled, you will find that you will probably only use the one that does the most damage to the monsters. In the bottom middle of the screen, you will realise the level progress bar. The level progress bar increases on how far you walk, not on the amount of characters you slay. Throughout the levels, you will also reach checkpoints, which are helpful if you are low on health.

As you slay your monsters be careful of the mana bar. If you are using a 'special' attack, then you will lose mana points. When you run out of mana points that attack is no longer effective, so you will need to change back to your original attack which does not cost any mana.

Castle quest game is an enjoyable game for fans of the genre. Progressing through the levels is a terrific way to pass the time, and one that is highly recommended.