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About Catapult Madness

Humour abounds in Armor' Catapult Madness game. The free flash game by Louissi offers thrills and spills as players try to launch unfortunate peasants across a barren land in hopes of landing in a neighbouring kingdom. The game features lovely graphics with a comical twist as well as impressive sound effects and music.

Players take the reins as King of a land in dire need of help. Trolls have overrun the surrounding land, thus trapping the kingdom in their fortress. As the threat of starvation becomes a reality, the King decides to enlist the skills of his favoured carpenter to build a catapult to launch peasants into neighbouring kingdoms to recruit help. The goal of the game is to throw peasants as far as possible, reaching the set goal of each level. Players begin by choosing their peasant. Then they set the power and angle for the shot. Players click on the "fire" button when the arrow of the respective gauge is at the desired level of angle and / or power.

The Workshop features upgrades to the catapult. There are six main upgrades; these are magic, beans, bombs, beer, mechanical, and glider upgrades. Each upgrade has its own benefits:

  • Magic - a mage to perform powerful enchantments to assist the peasant's flight. Once this upgrade is activated, the player must follow a laid out path with their mouse to receive the magical assistance.
  • Beans - allows the peasant to fly and be temporarily immune to obstacles in their path.
  • Bombs - add a boost to the launch.
  • Beer - allows the peasant to bounce more.
  • Mechanical - this passive upgrade ups the range of the catapult.
  • Glider - a tool that allows peasants to take flight once more after landing. The arrow keys control this flight.

The Catapult Madness game offers a healthy dose of humour in its hilarious graphics. As peasants soar across the field, they become increasingly injured. They also bounce off caravans, cacti, and even the flabby midsections of trolls. The sound effects add to the funny graphics, making the game thoroughly entertaining. As the peasant touches down for its final descent, bonuses are awarded. These have clever titles such as "No Camping Allowed," and "Only One Troll in Your Life." These bonuses can then be used to buy upgrades for the catapult.

Catapult Madness is a unique and silly game. It offers multiple upgrades, a good amount of skill, and many laughs. With great graphics, sound effects, and music, Catapult Madness is an all-around enjoyable game.