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About Chibi Knight

It's true that great things come in small packages, or else how could the creators of Chibi Knight game pack such a powerful punch in its pint-size hero. Chibi Knight is a delightful RPG game stuffed with monsters, armour, sword fights, spells and wizards. You have to play this frenetic little game to believe it.

Chibi Knight is a swashbuckling warrior on a dangerous mission. He has to save his little town that has been plagued by three evil monsters. All he possesses for this task is his trusty sword, a bunch of magic spells and a really big heart. You see, this tiny little mascot has to battle evil dragons and creepy spiders many times larger than him. Some of the other villains he encounters are bouncing colourful creatures, mean looking green cats, and bird heads with pointy beaks.

The player controls the motion of the knight with the arrow keys on the keyboard, he attacks with the A key and casts magic spells with the S key. That's all there is to it. All you need is to keep hitting the A key wildly to have your knight charge ahead, slashing at the monsters.

The landscape is diverse, with forests, mountains and rugged paths to manoeuvre. In addition to the three main monsters, there are dozens of other minions to vanquish. There are also a few mini adventures and missions along the way, such as searching for a special key that will unlock the door to a secret passage. These magical items are being guarded by the three evil beasts that Chibi Knight has to kill. Along the way, he must also search out wizards who can give him the secret spells he needs to survive and complete the mission.

There's not much strategizing involved in the actual game play, just basically slashing at the enemies and moving around a bit to avoid the monsters. Bumping into the monsters is enough to injure our little hero, it seems. Just keep attacking the baddies with the sword to kill them. A cute graphic of a red heart floats up when some of the evil ones are exterminated. Our knight surely loves seeing them go, I suppose.

The knight receives some healing potions when he kills some enemies. This gives him points to buy more power ups and the power to carry on the task. Killing several monsters and their minions takes him to higher levels. Moving up the levels gives him the strength to sustain more attacks from his enemies.

The game screen displays a level for armour and another one for magic. The armour level gets depleted with every attack that his enemies make on him. The magic level reduces when he uses up his spells to ward them off. The objective is to kill as many villains as possible, before either of these levels drop to zero, which results in his sad demise. This sends him back to the starting scene and he has to begin his adventure all over again.

The graphics are cartoonish but extremely cute and reminiscent of the Wonderboy game series, especially Wonderboy 3 the Dragon's trap. The endearing part of the game is a child's voice that interjects shouts of joy and sighs of anguish when the little hero wins or loses in his encounters. While Chibi Knight game will keep youngsters occupied for hours, the more veteran players will be pleasantly surprised to find hidden badges and tasks cleverly buried in the game.

Chibi Knight is a simple, fun game that is a cross between an animated cartoon and an arcade game. Although the game has been created with the younger players in mind, it has an intricate enough storyline to keep people of all ages engrossed. It is not only amusing to look at but also very exciting to play as well. You'll love the tiny warrior who goes about gleefully slashing his enemies. It's pure harmless entertainment!