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A perilous dungeon search to find a cure for your curse...

Cursed Dungeon is a non-animated combat game that is fought from the perspective of a person who has been cursed. The main character goes looking for a cure inside a dungeon that is filled with monsters. You play the game level by level and each level has a boss monsters. As you slay monsters, you earn titles and bonuses. There's a small amount of in game economy at work here too. There's a market place to buy things, upgrade your armor and weapon. The only shortcoming is that it is not animated at all. So let's take a look at it part by part.


The cursed game starts with a first person narrative of how the protagonist was cursed and now must go to a dungeon in search for a cure. The protagonist of your story can be chosen from 3 different classes - Knight, Rogue and Axeman. Each class has a different weapon but the skill set is the same. Also, each class has different weak points and strengths in their stats. The Knight has a good average of all stats and has more health. The Rogue is faster but has less damage. The Axeman has a crushing damage but is slower. The character selection screen will tell you which one is the main stat for the character. However, don't let that dictate how you level up. A strong Axeman who is also lightning fast is a total win.

There is not much of character customization. There's no individual backstory here. Once you choose your character, you directly proceed in to the game. The pace is fast and the role-playing elements of this game allow you to gradually level up your character. The main theme is dungeon driven though, so expect some dreary scenes and horrific monsters and bosses.

Stats, Skills and Upgrades

The stats comprise of Health, Attack and Speed - which are quite self-explanatory. With each Level up, you get 4 stat points to spend and one 'perk' point. Perks are special skills that increase one of the main stats. So in addition to leveling up, you also get to increase another skill through perks.

Your equipment also increases your stats through bonuses. This game does not drop armor or weapons after kills. Instead you get upgrade stones. You have the weapon upgrade stone, the armor upgrade stone and the jewel upgrade stones. Jewel upgrade stones are used to get rings. Rings add to special bonuses like more experience per kill, more item drops, etc. You will need gold for all upgrade and you will acquire it through kills and special achievement bonuses and also the occasional treasure chest. Armor upgrade stones are used up during upgrades to your gloves, armor and shoes. Weapon upgrade stones are for your weapon.

Skills are acquire spontaneously in this cursed game and there's no tree to choose from. You unlock new skills as you fight your way through. You get no warnings in advance about how close you are to a new skill. The skills cannot be upgraded. They appear only during your fights as a string of buttons.

There's a training area in each level and it becomes available after the first fight of that level. Training is necessary to clear each level and defeat the bosses. Training also grants you stones and gold and even potions (they help you regenerate health during battles and you can only carry 9 of them at a time); so it also helps you better your equipment quicker and get more gold.


This game has no animation. So still images of your character and the monsters are shown during battle with red flashes showing the attacks. Once a battle starts, it is real time and you have to make decisions quickly. The HUD comprises of the two health bars - yours and your opponent's. You can see the opponent's stats but since you cannot change your attack type, it is not very useful. When either of the onscreen characters uses a skill, the charging bar is shown above their heads. So you can stun the enemy (a skill) before they make use of any of their skills. Each skill requires a specific amount of battle rage. Battle rage accumulates as you fight and gets spent as you use skills. Also, each skill has a cool down time.

The skills show up at the bottom of the window and are marked with numbers. These numbers correspond to their shortcut keys on the keyboard for quick firing. Since there isn't much else to do, the challenge lies in stopping your enemy's skills and using yours strategically.


You get gold every time you win a fight, from treasure chests that keep on coming up every now and then and also from in-game rewards for achievements. You need gold along with the stones to upgrade your weapon, armor, gloves and shoes. You also need to go to the jeweler to upgrade your rings. And then there's the marketplace where you can buy and sell things against gold.

Artwork, Music and Others

The cursed game makes for the lack of animation with decent artwork and simple storytelling. The story is not very unique or compelling but it gives you a semblance of purpose when playing the game. There's even a promise for a sequel, given the way this one ends. The characters are all well drawn and the enemies are inspired by several fantastic creatures such as dragons, the Minotaur, the Succubus, etc. The music also suits the mood of a battle set in the medieval times. Overall, it is an engaging and good for casual gamers who want to pick up a fun game quickly. The tutorial mode is helpful and helps you along at every single point.

Cursed Dungeon game is a good balance between easy to pick up and difficult to win. You will easily win the game if you are playing on the easy mode. It will be an enjoyable experience. But if you are really looking for a challenge in each battle and want to use each skill strategically, try the hardcore mode. There will be no training and no re-spawning. If you are killed, it will be end game, which makes it more fun!