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About Dragon Boy

Dragon Boy is a nifty role playing online game that has most of the ingredients one would want in an action adventure saga. Set in the age of castles and knights, it has medieval weapons, villains, armour, sorcery and of course, dragons. Dragon Boy game packs many of the features that one would normally find in larger games.

The player controls the actions of the main hero, Guil, a.k.a. Dragon Boy, because of his strange pet, Blaze, the dragon. In the beginning, Blaze is only an egg that Guil carries on his back. Eventually, it grows into a fully fledged, fire breathing dragon. On his many journeys, Dragon Boy fights the villains and monsters infesting his country and wins gold and other rewards. Among other things, he utilises this wealth to buy food for his pet dragon that grows bigger as the game continues. The storyline is unique. The hero is raising a dragon to grow up and fight some of his own kind that are ravaging the kingdom. Everyone, including the king, believes the hero is foolish to think that he and his dragon can vanquish the other evil creatures.

The Dragon Boy has an unlikely companion in Azarec, a sorceress who helps him in his mission and dutifully follows him everywhere like a shadow. The game begins in the Campsite, which is like a village square with a portal in the middle of it. The portal magically transports Guil and his companions to strange terrains. The objective of the game is to go on various missions to get rid of the dragons and their minions from the land.

In various levels, the Dragon Boy and his sorceress encounter green blobs or other villains. By using the mouse controls, the player can make the hero attack and kill them. There are health levels indicated at the top of the screen which keep track of every injury that Guil sustains because of the counter attacks of the evil creatures. When the level goes down to zero, Guil dies and the player is transported back to the village square to start the game all over again.

There are several terrains, such as Campsite, Hilltop, Graveyard and Valley, for the player to explore. There are many levels to go through in each terrain and different villains and bosses to battle. The objective is to kill as many villains as possible and gain their possessions. These possessions which include magic shoes and battle axes go into your hero's inventory. These weapons can be used in higher levels to kill more enemies. Each level requires new skills and weaponry to master. The higher levels allow the player to arm the characters with more weapons, food, spells, etc. In addition, there are opportunities for Guil and Azarec to learn more skills.

The controls of the Dragon Boy game are fairly easy to master. The characterisations are whimsical and entertaining. Azarec is both a faithful follower and a cheeky sidekick. The animation is quirky but cute, and the graphics are intricately drawn and manga like in appearance. The environment is rainy and drab, with flashes of lightning, to signify the dark clouds hanging over the kingdom. The music is ominous and appropriate for the sense of foreboding.

Dragon Boy is a well produced and smartly crafted game that will keep players engrossed for a long time, no matter what their age. The missions may seem clichéd but the storyline of the hero and his pet dragon is unique and compelling. The desire to see Blaze grow up and fight the other evil dragons is great enough for the player to persevere through the levels. Overall, Dragon Boy is a surprisingly addictive role playing game.