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About Elona Shooter

Elona Shooter game is a defence game by an independent game designer, Noa. The game follows Elona and her allies as they shoot at knights, bosses and livestock that advance upon their castle. While the enemy has hopes of a successful invasion, Elona and her friends have a remarkably different plan in mind, and they use their weapons and skills to take out each advancing creatures one-by-one.

Elona Shooter begins with players choosing their appearance from a selection of 22 choices. Once a look is chosen, players equip that character with skills, which play to their strengths and give them the best shot at victory. There are four types of character. A Rogue character is a fast money-earner and the skills associated with Rogues benefit your entire troop. There are four levels of Rogue attainable: Rogue, Small Gun 2, Rifle, and Luck. The Sheriff Character type is a strong sharpshooter and is handy with a rifle. However, these characters are not committed to teamwork, so their unique skills will not affect the others. The Sherriff character can attain Sherriff, Shotgun 2, and Fury status. A Hunter is an adaptable and keen character. These characters explore other fields of learning and skills. The Hunter can also rise to Small Gun, Rifle, and Shotgun statuses. The final character choice is the Militia. Militia characters are accomplished with weaponry. This character can earn the status of Militia, Rifle 2, and Big Gun.

Once players choose their character, they begin the game play. The goal of the game is to shoot every advancing creature before it makes its way to the barrier and begins to damage the castle. Players shoot and aim with the mouse, using the number keys for individual items such as bombs and grenades. There are a number of enemies, including slow-moving sheep, resilient chickens and quick rats. There is a Boss, as well, which takes multiple shots to kill and is the main event of each siege. After each level, players loot the field to attain money, weapons, and riches from the deceased.

Between levels, players head into town for the night. During this time, they may choose to better equip themselves for the next battle. Players enter the Tower to upgrade items, including the castle walls, and allies such as trainers and looters. Inside the Barracks, players manage their troops, setting attack priorities amongst them. At the Equip tab, characters' swap out items and replace them with more useful weapons and skills. The Smithy Shoppe is where players go to purchase and trade weapons for battle. At the Museum, players view unlocked achievements. The final stop is the Inn. Players can choose to pray, eat, forage, hire henchmen, or sleep from this menu. Each action costs AP (action points) which you earn in battle.

Elona Shooter game can be played in Casual Mode or Hardcore Mode, depending on the players abilities and need for carnage. It is an adventurous game that marries a few key genres of browser games, creating an exciting tale with endearing graphics and uncluttered sound effects. This game is a passionate defence game with strong RPG elements and a fun premise.