Defending the Tower We Call Home

When hordes of goblins, orcs and trolls knock on your door there is but one thing to do- find a new home. Unfortunately, moving to a new address is not an option in this game so the only thing left to do is to defend your besieged household. Be ready to cast powerful magic and hire worthy defenders in order to repel the coming invasion in this challenging strategy role playing game from developer Bright Sight.

Epic Stand is a mix between a role playing game and a tower defense game. Your main objective in the game is to defend you tower from invading forces. You cast spells on enemies to defeat them and upgrade your castle’s defense in order to repel those who were fortunate enough to breach your castle’s walls.

The Defender and the Conqueror

Epic Stand’s story is about the battle that ensued when the Dark Knight Morokwar tried to capture the castle of the wizard, Frostorn. Morokwar’s ambition to conquer all of Frostorn’s land begins with the capture of the wizard’s own castle. You must play the role of Frostorn himself as he defends his home against Morokwar’s evil minions.

The Invading Forces

Morokwar’s army consists of many vile and nasty creatures. These beasts will stop at nothing to achieve their master’s bidding so knowing them and what they are capable of is very important in winning the battle in Epic Stand. Here are all the monsters that you will be facing throughout the game.

Goblins – these small evil creatures might not look threatening but they carry bombs that can damage your castle’s wall. Make sure to kill them quickly since they attack in hordes and can easily blow your wall to smithereens.

Orcs – brutish armored warriors who attack with an axe. They do not attack your wall but rather the defenders that guard it. These enemies can be left alone as long as they do not have any targets to attack.

Werewolves – these furry monstrosities are fast and agile and can lower your defender’s attack and defense status. They attack your defenders with their sharp claws but do not attack the walls themselves. While they are not a threat to your castle’s wall, we still advise killing them quickly because of their Howl ability, which lowers your defender’s attack and defense.

Shamans are evil magicians that can heal other enemies instantly. They are really annoying since they make killing other enemies almost impossible with their healing ability. We advise killing them as soon as they appear.

Warchief – a powerful warrior that can rally other enemies around him; his mere presence enhances other enemies’ attack damage and speed. This enemy is very hard to kill thanks to its high health, but we really advise killing it immediately to prevent it from affecting other enemies.

Executioner – like his name implies, this enemy means business. He can do massive damage to your castle’s wall thanks to that huge bomb he carries around on his cart. He can also attack your defenders with that huge axe on his back. Use the Fear spell on him to immobilize him and then continuously cast Frostbolt on him to finish him off quick.

Ogre – this huge lumbering creature should not be underestimated. While it is slow, it is very powerful and can easily dispatch off any defenders in its path. The Ogre is immune to the Fear spell so do not waste casting it this opponent. Use the Cavalry spell instead.

Assassin – these stealthy mercenaries are very dangerous since the can only be seen when they are attacking. It is very hard to kill them since they stay invisible most of the time. Kill them immediately once they appear since the can wipe out your defenders easily if they are left alone.

Basher – a powerful creature that wields a huge hammer. The Basher can easily destroy your castle’s wall with just a few blows from its hammer. They can also easily kill any defender. Make sure to upgrade your castle’s wall and your defender’s attributes. We advise weakening the Basher with the Cavalry spell first before attacking it with your Frostbolt and Fear Spells.

Dark Knight – Morokwar himself unleashes hell on you later in the game so be prepared. His attacks are very powerful and only those who have upgraded their castle and defenders to maximum can withstand his assault. If you have not fully upgraded your castle and defenders, we strongly advise replaying the earlier stages to earn enough Skull points to enhance your attack and defense capabilities; unless of course you want to hand over the land to Morokwar.

Spells for the Needy

For a really powerful wizard, Frostorn seems to be lacking knowledge when it comes to spells. He only has three (3) – yes, you heard us, three spells. How can a renowned wizard who rules over the land only have three spells? Well, we are guessing since he is all powerful, he only needs three spells to defeat his enemies. Here are all three spells that you can use to defend against Morokwar’s invading army.

Frostbolt – Frostorn’s primary attack spell. Despite its name, it does not have the ability to freeze the enemy. This is kind of disappointing since it would have been cool – pun, intended, if it can freeze the enemy. The Frostbolt uses 4% of your base mana and has a cooldown time of 1.5 seconds.

Fear – while not an attack spell, the Fear spell is very useful when you want to focus on killing a specific enemy, especially enemies that are very powerful or have abilities that can enhance other enemies on the battle field. Use the Fear spell wisely since it uses 10% of your base mana and has a hefty cooldown time of 10 seconds.

Cavalry – summon a group of horse riding knights to trample your enemies. The Cavalry is the most powerful attack spell in Frostorn’s small arsenal of spells. While it can do a huge amount of damage on all the enemies in its path it can only be summoned on the base level of your castle. Another disadvantage to the Cavalry spell is that it uses a huge amount of mana and has a long cooldown time.

Epic Game, Epic Victory

Bright Sight has done it again with Epic Stand. With its fun and addictive gameplay, good looking visuals and decent sound effects, Epic Stand clearly stands over other browser based games in the market today. A game this good is highly recommended and should be played by anyone who likes playing browser based role playing games. Clearly, the developer knows what it is doing when it comes to making a game and we are hoping for a sequel in the near future. We give Epic Stand an epic score of 86/100.

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