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About Epic War 1

Epic War 1 game is a flash game that features tactical warfare between the good (player) and the bad (everyone else). It is part of the popular Epic War Series that has attracted millions of players worldwide. Players aim arrows and call on their troops to massacre the enemy and take over their castle. With each turn of the game, upgrades can be purchased, making the possibilities for total domination endless. There are a total of fifteen battles, including one final battle against the most formidable opponent of the game. As players conquer each castle, they earn a flag for the castle and move on to the next.

From the World Map, players click on the next battle to proceed. The player's castle is seen on the left, and the enemy is on the right. Players use the arrow keys to aim their bow up and down for a proper aim. The mouse or the hot key "A," controls the shooting. Summoning creatures such as Hobbits can be done by clicking the mouse, though each control has a hot key. The goal is to kill or stun all advancing creatures, earning your mana per kill, in order for the player's men to reach the opposing castle and tear it down. You have to do all of this while preventing the enemy from doing the same. Each win results in EXP points to spend on upgrades.

The Skills Confirmation menu allows players to cash in their EXP points and convert them into strategic upgrades. There are seven creatures for summoning; in addition, each creature has a number of upgrade levels to their ranks. Hobbits are the cheapest, costing just five mana points. The Light Elves are armoured, but cost 10 mana. Heavily armoured Dwarves carry electric axes and cost 25 mana points. Wizards are a strong defence, but they cost 100 mana points. For 300 mana, the Golem is a formidable defensive creature. The Dragon costs a whopping 2500 mana and breathes ice to freeze the enemy. The most expensive creature, the Angel, can be purchased for 4000 mana; the dragon wields divine swords of death upon the enemy. There are four arrow types to purchase, along with upgrades at each level.

Players start with a standard Arrow, but can upgrade this to a selection of; Fire Arrow shoots, Ice Arrow and the Thunder Arrow. There are also Mana upgrades that you can buy. The upgrades help players earn mana more quickly to purchase the creatures and weapons they desire. The final four items on the Skills Confirmation menu are extra bonuses. These four bonuses are a Barrier, to shield the players' tower, a boost to the Castle's health, the construction of an automatic firing turret, and an exploding trap to kill the enemy if they stand in the area.

Epic War1 game is a flash game that allows players to play in an all-out battle for domination. Adding to the adventure and skill-mastery, this game has multiple upgrades for purchase. The game's artwork is beautiful, and the soundtrack has everything a game in this genre should have. All of these aspects combine and culminate in a decisively tough battle against the worst of the worst, in hopes that the first fourteen battles have prepared the gamer for "The Boss."

If you enjoyed Epic War 1 then why not play the second in the series, Epic War 2.