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About Epic War 2

Epic War 2 game, by ArtLogic Games, is an adventurous flash game of battles to take the castle. The goal of the game is for players to send out armies to destroy advancing enemy forces, while attempting to decimate the enemy castle. Over eighteen battles, players will attempt to be victorious and claim their spot in history as an Epic Warrior. With artful backdrops and realistic sound effects, this game is as much a pleasure for the senses as it is a welcome diversion from day-to-day life. It improves greatly upon the Epic War 1.

The objective of the Epic War 2 game is to level the enemy castle before the enemy tears down yours. In an exciting continuous-motion battle, the enemy is ever advancing upon the player's castle. The castle is equipped with an archery apparatus for long-range firing, but the real defences behind this game are the troops. As players upgrade their troops with the mana that they earn for killing enemy troops, the enemy also upgrades their defence. As each battle begins, players are focused near their home territory, killing the enemies that come near, but as the number dwindle and the enemy are pushed back towards their home castle, the player can then begin the task of decimating the enemy castle, therefore, winning the battle.

Each battle won earns EXP points for players to spend on upgrades. You can control the game on the keyboard, mouse, or a mixture of the two. The main menu of the game offers a menu of "Hotkeys" for players who wish to play the game solely with the keyboard. For added entertainment, once the Human wars have been won, you can play the game as an Orc army or an Elven army. Both of these characters present a new set of strengths and weaknesses, alongside different areas of expertise.

The upgrades come in the form of Research. Players spend their EXP on research in five different categories to increase their power. Castle research adds to the castle's own protection against enemies; it also has upgrades such as meteor showers or the summoning of a dangerous Titan. Tower research raises the damage factor of the castle's archery. In addition, siege units can be built through Tower research.

Archery research lends itself to a more powerful long-range battle. The Academy research focuses on healing units and long range magical units. The final research, the Barracks research, is the training of tough bombardment attacks. These upgrades must be purchased in the middle of battles for use on the next battle. Once the battle begins, the units are set at level 1, but may be upgraded to whatever level was purchased with the earned mana as the battle ensues.

Epic War 2 game focuses on the strategy of a long and hard battle and takes players through a journey one ambitious war after another. A strong artistic setting and life-like battle sound effects aid in making Epic war 2 a solid competitor on the flash games scene, and one that is highly recommended among fans of this genre.

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