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About Epic War 3

Games series fall into a pattern of creating sequels without purpose. The same is not said for the third instalment in the Epic War series. This game takes the concept of battling enemy troops in order to advance upon the enemy castle and destroy it before the enemy destroys your castle, and adds new aspects with different upgrades, and a new set of controls.

At the map (homepage), players select a neighbouring castle to invade. Once in the war, the player must defend their castle against the enemy troops, while attempting to advance to the enemy side of the screen and destroy the enemy's lair. Each victory earns gold for players to spend on more cards; it can also be used to upgrade their existing cards. Players earn EXP points, as well, and these go toward upgrading your hero. The Epic War 3 game progresses in separate turns. Players attack a neighbouring army and then they can upgrade or buy cards before ending their turn and allowing an enemy to counter their advances. There are three options for counterattacks: play them, allow them to auto-play, or forfeit them. It is wise to upgrade cards and heroes before the end of each turn, in order to be well prepared for the enemy's counter attack.

For each battle, players can equip seven unit cards and seven skill cards. Players may equip themselves for the battle with any combination of these cards, but the amount of mana (an item gained through enemy kills) used by the combination of these cards must not exceed the amount of mana available to the player at that given level. This number is depicted at the top of the Equip menu.

The battle ensues as the enemy forces make their way toward the player's castle. In the Epic War 3 Game Player's must call units into action and lead them to the battle, by clicking on the unit's card at the top of the screen. When they click a hand appears players can click this hand to direct their unit onto the battlefield. In addition, the hot key "Z" will call all troops to retreat, while "X" makes all troops advance. The hero unit is a knight atop a horse. He may be called to advance or retreat by clicking on the green buttons below the top information bar. It is best to keep the hero in retreat mode as often as possible, as units that are not currently engaged in battle will automatically regenerate their health. There are set skill cards that will bring extra firepower to the battle. Clicking on the card of the desired skill will set the large hand back on the screen, and then players can simply click the hand to the desired target.

Epic War 3 takes the series of games in a new direction with the addition of the cards used in the game play. The graphics of the game also take a new turn. In previous editions, the foreground artwork took a backseat to gorgeous backgrounds. In this edition, however, the background is just that, while the characters and castles are artful and present a visually stunning castle game. The sound effects are complete in their realistic battle sounds, which are highlighted by the lovely orchestral soundtrack worthy of a blockbuster film.

Have you crushed every enemy and army residing in the third installment? Have you conquered and crushed every castle? Then its time to move onto Epic War 4!