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About Epic War 4

Battling Goblins and Man-Bull hybrids can be exhausting. Of course, having minions with unique skills, and extraordinary magic can lessen the burden. In the Epic War 4 game, players return to the battlefield with their Heroes with the hope of becoming the ultimate crusader. Level-by-level, Heroes attack incoming enemy troops and attempt to tear down the enemy castle, before the enemy tears down theirs.

The first step in Epic War 4 game is to equip the Hero with a crew of creatures and skills to ensure maximum damage potential. Players may take up to three Heroes into any given battle with them at any point. Every Hero has a set of minions to command in each game. Per battle, players may choose two units for each Hero. In addition, each Hero has their own set of unique skills to aid them in their battle. These items are all available for purchase with the Gold earned by winning battle after battle.

Initially, the Hero is Viegraf the Red, who is particularly strong against melee attacks. Once players earn enough gold to purchase other Heroes, they may purchase Hero Simon the Magician, a good defence against magic attacks or Popo the Epic Dwarf, who is useful against explosions. The Upgrades menu shows all upgrades available for purchase, their benefits, and their cost. Each Hero has a different set of skills and units available. The appropriate upgrades are linked to their respective Hero by like-coloured lines.

The main premise of the game is to topple the enemy's castle while defending their own. Heroes must defend their castle by decimating all approaching enemy troops. There are four commands that Heroes give to their units: "Fall Back", "Retreat," "March," and "Assault." Heroes command their troops to attack all enemies in their sight and advance to the enemy's side of the screen, in order to tear away at the castle walls. If, for any reason, a retreat is necessary, troops can be commanded to fall back out of the battle to rest and regenerate their own health. Heroes must be especially careful to retreat when necessary; as each time a hero dies he takes longer to regenerate. Additionally, while dead, his units cannot be deployed.

Above the castle is a "Health Bar" that displays the amount of damage the castle has sustained and how much more must be dealt to make the castle fall. Likewise, the Hero's castle has a "Health Bar" to reference when the enemy is beating down the castle walls. Once the enemy castle is out of "Health" and has been sieged the player earns gold to purchase upgrades, alongside additional armies and skills, as well as a score for the level.

Epic War 4 game takes players on a journey through multiple crusades and allows them to earn fantastic upgrades, additional Heroes, and extraordinarily bracing skills. The game has a lovely soundtrack that is highlighted by the realistic battle sounds. The graphics are clean and well developed, with just the appropriate amount of blood and gore to satiate the slight sadistic tastes.

You can play any of the Epic War Series here, which currently consists of four games in total.