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The epic battle against the greater evil continues...

Just as the name suggests, Epic War 5 depicts a war of epic proportions where you have to take your hero through the continents to battle many different kinds of enemies and unite everybody to fight off a greater evil. It has a common but well written storyline and is good fun to play. The only downside is that it tends to be slightly gory, even within descriptions. You can turn off the graphic gore though. This is a true RPG and will remind you of the likes of WoW, BattleCry and more. This is the 5th installment of the series and it contains links to the 4 others before it. Once you finish the game, you can play bonus levels that are extra hard. Now let's look at the elements of the game.


Choose your hero from amongst 3 available characters - an Elf Queen, A Dark warrior or a Human Knight. Epic War 5 game has good detailing and each character has a different story that tells us why they are fighting this war. The disaster is the same in every story - a great inter-dimensional portal has opened up in the world and it is pouring out dark creatures that threaten to take over the world. You must stop this to save your world (and take it over yourself may be...)

Each hero has a different set of skills to learn and use. The Knight is a leader who commands from the back, healing and defending. The Elf Queen rides with her army and fights with them. The Dark Warrior wields a giant axe and leads from the front with powerful attacks and his castle building spell is a strong defense strategy.

Each hero starts out with a few units. The types of these units depend on your hero. For example, the Elf queen starts out with archers, landers and others. The Dark warrior has trolls and goblins and more. However, as you roam across the continents defeating bosses, you will start commanding various other units from different races; inducting them in to your super army. You will then lead this united army in to battle against the portal (which is called Hells Gate). Every unit type has a fixed number. This number can be increased as you level up.

Stats, Skills And Leveling Up

True to the RPG style, you gain experience through battles and use the experience to learn new skills and/or acquire new bonuses. Heroes level up and gain better spells, more stat points. Units gain all of those along with increases to their total number. The total number of a particular type of unit is always limited.

There are no training battles as such for leveling up. But you can play cleared levels again to level up before facing tough battles. The speed of leveling up is moderate but then the skill trees are short and you will be able to max them out by the time you reach the final stages to close Hell's Gate.

The hero and some of the units can use magic. Spells are either used for creating (castles, walls and towers), for healing (self or group) and for offense (imaginative spells like volcano, arrow shower, etc.). Spells use a common reserve of mana, so you must use these spells carefully.


The units your hero will command are drawn from all manner of mythologies from across the world. So you have the Minotaur, the Amazon female, Centaurs, Hobbits, the Succubus, and the more traditional fantasy characters like Vampires, Orcs, Trolls, Eleven archers and Goblins. There are also Wizards, Paladins, You will gather many more types as you move across continents. As you go on, you can even hire Death himself to be part of your army! Once again, remember that you have limited slots and you have to choose your units according to your playing style.


Each unit can be equipped with only one item, including the hero. Special items are found throughout the game. Each item enhances of stat of the unit and is either defensive or offensive. They don't grant any special bonuses however like in other games where they can boost select stats. Each level also unlocks a special item. Special items include things like the Fire rune the grants a fire elemental attack and the Phoenix badge that allows you to regenerate health. There are no item drops within the battles though.


This is a side scrolling RPG and is real time with some interesting quirks that set it apart from other RPG's. Instead of allowing you to build units through buildings, each unit type has an upper number limit and they continuously re-spawn throughout the battle. So you never run out of fighting units. The only problem is that you cannot lose your hero during the battle. He or she has to survive. So the wisest policy is to keep the hero away from all the action and let him lead from behind with healing magic and defensive spells.

The HUD comprises of a tool bar at the bottom with portraits of the hero and your active units in it. Before going to a battle, you get to choose the units for the battle. You have six slots to fill with your units and you will end up having to choose from a roster of around double that number.

You order your army to proceed slowly, march really fast or retreat slowly or run back with dedicated buttons and keyboard shortcuts. You can also select the entire army by pressing 'v' and clicking on the location where you want them to be. Once there, they will hold their ground till you order them otherwise. The idea is to keep advancing till you defeat the boss of that battle.

Artwork, AI, Music And More

Epic war is quite epic in almost all aspects. The artwork is quite good and suits the theme. The AI is okay but the teamwork needs to be made tighter. There's a very impressive sounding background score that goes really well with the ancient, magical war theme. There's good detailing in the game and that is reflected in the fact that each hero has different background scores that work well with their character. So the dark warrior has a doomsday-esque score whilst the Elf Queen's score has a more ethereal feel. There's a story and purpose behind each battle and this continues in to the bonus stages once you have completed the main game.

Overall, Epic War 5 game delivers the feel of RPG in a well-made flash game that most fans of this genre will enjoy playing.