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About Gladiator - Castle Wars

In an age old story of love and war, Gladiator - Castle Wars game brings players into the arena in an attempt to win the heart of a fair maiden, all while defeating the rather unworthy opponents in a battle to the death. Armor Games offers this engaging and entertaining game for online play, and incorporate an animated storyline, and artfully designed graphics to create an enjoyable game for fans of battle and RPG games.

The game mainly centres on the keyboard for its controls. There is a helpful tutorial in the opening sequence of the game that offers information about controls and game play in general. Players use the arrow keys to control Gladiator movement. The "x" key gets the most use in Gladiator-Castle Wars. Inside the arena, the "x" key becomes a vital element in battle. The "x" key controls attacking motions. A single "x" stroke causes a slash of the weapon, while multiple "x" strokes create combo strikes. In addition, the "z" key, which controls jumping, can combine with the "x" key to cause the Gladiator to perform a ground slam, which deals a considerable amount of damage upon the foe. The remaining letter control-key is the "c" key. The "c" key causes the player to block enemy attacks. Each battling Gladiator has a life bar above his head, which shows how much damage he has sustained, allowing players to track their own health while keeping an eye on the damage they are dealing to the enemy.

In the main street scene, players use "x" to communicate with the people in the village. There is a gentleman who will save the game's progress, a young lady who offers players a haircut, and Konrei, the weapons dealer. At Konrei's weapon shop, there are a sizeable number of upgraded items such as axes, swords, maces, armour, and shields to assist players in their battles. Players buy these items with GP's (Gladiator points) which are earned in battle. These weapons go into the players "Stash" when not in use, but can be returned to and switched around depending on the needs of the individual battles.

There are also "Unlockables," accessed through the main Menu which are items of prestige for players to earn. These items include access to an "Alternate Ending" of the game/story, rewards for the amount of games won, and access to an "Alternate Intro" after 15 battles. The main Menu also holds access to saved games, allowing players to return to their progress whether due to losing the game, needing to leave the game for a while, or to increase their score.

Gladiator - Castle Wars game is an enjoyable flash game by Armor Games that brings an RPG game format into the arena in a quest for love and glory. With an exciting background soundtrack and multiple item upgrades to enhance the play, this game rivals any other of its genre. The basic premise keeps the game from getting too bogged down by an elaborate storyline, but does offer a nice intro and ending for entertainment purposes.