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Stop an evil villain who is wanting to perform a domonic ritual of great proportions in this RPG turn based adventure game. Choose from a wizard, a warrior or a rogue class in this highly rated flash game by Blake Kimball of Obelisk Games. Legend of Void has received rave reviews on the sponsor's site - Kongregate who are usually a tough crowd to please which goes to show the sort of quality this game possesses.

The writing and story behind the game is well thought out and the begining tutorial will make you feel very comfortable with the combat and user interface. Legend of Void game is detailed in every way which is how we like our adventure games.

The game pretty much delivers on interactivty for a flash adventure game. Some RPG's made out of flash have failed in the past to go beyond the dimensions of your character and your travelling band of men but Legend of Void game allows you to interact with numerous NPC's making them an important part of the game. This gives the game a feel of a proper adventure in an expansive realm beyond that of bog standard flash rpg's.

Legend of Void game takes the usual concept of leveling up your character and offering you a number of trees in which to choose skills from. Unlike many other RPG's though you can reset your entire skill choices at any given time and for an unlimited number of times. This allows you to try and test a number of skills out to see which ones suit your playing style, as opposed to spending too much time reading about each individual skill and pondering your choice - very refreshing.

The game includes plenty of standard monsters and bosses meaning fights always feel different and realistic. However there's always one chink in the armor of any decent online game and Legend of Void doesn't dodge the sword! The let down is that the difficulty of the game can not be adjusted and so fails to offer kean players a real challenge. It would have been nice for several levels of difficulty to be created to suit different players demands.

However the saving grace may be the developer's willingness to change and update the game since it's launch as fan's give him more and more feedback on glitches and potential improvements. If Blake can correct the difficulty flaw of Legend of Void and make the game more of a challenge to serve the hardcore players this game will be gunning for the top flash RPG title of the year.