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There is something personally satisfying about owning your own little kingdom. Be it a small village that has only started to grow, or a massive empire that has expanded its borders more than a dozen times, being in charge of your own castle (and the people within) is a situation that tends to be quite fun when done in a video game. In this list we are lining up 5 of the best castle building games available for the mobile platform. After all, while desktop and console systems can provide a much deeper play experience, nothing beats the instant gameplay and accessibility made available by the fact that your kingdom is literally inside your mobile device.

Top 5 Castle Building Games for Mobile

Clash of ClansClash of Clans

It is hard to not be a smartphone user and not know about CoC. Even if you have never played the game, it is a much lauded and infamous title for anyone who has ever downloaded an app. It persists heavily in social groups, it has ads on a ton of other apps, and chances are, someone within your immediate 2-degree circle would be playing it. So with all the big fuss and coverage on it, what is Clash of Clans?

CoC is a mobile game that will have you dealing in a multiplayer environment managing your kingdom and engaging in strategic combat. Your empire will be built from the ground up as you gather resources, build buildings, gain upgrades and fighters that will help you farm and win more resources so that you can build even better buildings. It is a pretty familiar mobile game cycle, but CoC manages to do it exceptionally well.

One of the reasons this game has been on the top lists of highest grossing apps for the past couple of years is the fact that it is actually quite fun to play. It starts out a little slow, but once you get used to the system of checking your phone every few hours, then getting your troops ready for raiding quickly becomes second nature. It also helps that the visuals are pretty well done and makes for good eye candy. And best of all, being able to play with others makes the game compelling and competitive at the same time.

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Kingdoms and LordsKingdoms and Lords

This medieval themed castle building game will have you fighting off barbarians left and right as you try to turn your humble little hamlet into a massive powerhouse of a kingdom. Published by Gameloft, it is not surprising that a large part of the game’s late content is heavily focused on player versus player combat. There is a wide variety of troop formations and ways to do battle in the game, and understanding the rock-paper-scissors system that rules combat is the key to victory.

But competition is not the only thing working for this game. It has pretty great graphics (though we feel little love for the character artworks, the game’s main visuals are a treat), and the core gameplay is satisfying. There is even a bit of a storyline that you get to pursue as well (though not to a satisfying conclusion). Best of all, watching your troops engage in RPG style combat gives the game a unique feel.

There’s a lot of village-work to be done in the game as well. Managing resources still remains a big part of castle building titles and we would not have it any other way. K&L’s approach to limiting player actions does make it a little hard to play when you get low on energy.

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Age of Warring EmpiresAge of Warring Empires

This is our go to suggested title for folks who feel that Clash of Clans either too congested or looks too cartoonish. Age of Warring Empires is exactly what it sounds like: you run and empire, and you go to war. The elements are pretty straightforward too. You manage your wood, stone, metal, and food resources in order to acquire troops and buildings –get and upgrade those in order to make resource production go even faster. Yep, that cycle we already know.

One of the nice little things that is different about Age of Warring Empires is the presence of heroes (not all that different, but still a good feature). Heroes can be sent to the tower to grow and gain more levels and they will serve as your strongest leader units. Once you hit a necessary level, you can engage other players in an Arena or join other groups as part of an Alliance.

As one would expect, there is already an existing community of high ranked players in the game. And while it is possible to farm premium credits through the daily lottery, that is far too slow, and the only way to quickly climb the ranks (and maintain it) is to go for the IAPs. Still, not going with that route is completely possible and the game is still highly playable without having to burn a hole through your wallet.

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Castle ClashCastle Clash

If you liked Clash of Clans or Age of Warring Empires, and you still want to add another game to your app list, then Castle Clash is a great game to turn to. Gameplay-wise, CC is no different from CoC. Even the whole build-wait-raid cycle is exactly the same. What makes Castle Clash different is that it is easier on the eyes with its soft-detailed characters and structures, and the gameplay itself has a relaxed pace.

There’s an intensive single player mode that will allow players to figure out which troop configurations work well in raiding enemy bases, and you also get to see how well your own base stacks up against an opponent. This is a good feature that teaches players about the little nuances of the game’s combat system without dropping them into the fire by forcing to face off against other human players instantly. Yes, you do get to raid and be raided by other players, so building a good base defense is as important as knowing how to attack a base.

The thing we like best about this game is that it does not feel too greedy or forceful when it comes to IAPs, and that is a very welcome feeling. You can play, leave it be, then come back to it. Doing turn after turn is not enticing and there is little to no compelling reason why you would need the game’s premium content other than to support the devs (gaining premium gems in-game is also possible too).

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Royal Revolt 2 Royal Revolt 2

Visually, Royal Revolt 2 gets an edge over all the other games here because it looks pretty good –the art style is unique, and the animations look like they were designed to be watched and observed closely. The graphics will make you feel like you are truly watching a good game.

The gameplay itself is not too bad either. Build a castle, manage resources, train troops, then go to war. There’s a free video system in place for players lacking food (which kind of makes farms redundant), but for the most part, there are not many limiting factors in the game with regards to the actions that you can take. One of the most interesting things to be done in the game is arranging your base defense. You will have to buy each element than decide how to best use it on the map. Thanks to the easy to use touch interface, this process is as easy as dragging your finger across the screen.

Just a word of caution to would be players however, the developer support for this game is pretty low so unless you really plan to competitively battle your way to the top ranks, you will want to play this one at a more relaxed pace in order to avoid any major hiccups.

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