Castle Guardian Game

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About Castle: Guardian

Castle: Guardian game is a fun point-and-click defence game by Chris Gregorio sponsored by Agitated Ferret. As a defence game, it has a distinctive style, combining point-and-click aspects with those of a typical defence game to create a fun hybrid that boasts impressive graphics, tranquil background music, realistic sound effects, and extraordinary upgrade possibilities which are not found in many other games in this genre.

The game follows twenty days of battle, and introduces ten unique enemies. Each day that a new enemy enters the field, the player receives a short write-up about the enemy, what their strengths are, and how much money the player earns from killing them. As the day begins, the enemies make their way to the castle and try to tear it down. Players use their cursor to click on and strike these enemies, killing them before they can reach the castle. As the game goes on, the enemies get tougher and more frequent, making each battle even more intense than the previous one. In addition to the rapid mouse clicking, the castle hosts mages and archers atop the battlements to fire upon the advancing thugs. These two items are purchasable with gold earned in battle. Gold is collected after killing the enemy. Players must have a quick cursor to lick up dropped money left behind by deceased foes. The money only sits on the ground for a few moments before fading away and, since money is needed to purchase defence items, it is nearly as necessary to stay on top of collection, as it is to keep a strong attack.

In addition to the mages and archers, there are upgrades to most aspects of the castles' defence. In between days, players are given the chance to upgrade their Strength, Coin Range, Archery skills, Magic skills, Fortify their health, improve their Regeneration abilities, and increase their Rage Mode and Money-collecting abilities. Each upgrade costs a certain amount of gold. Additionally, each upgrade has three levels to purchase before being a fully upgraded skill. The game itself has eighty-five achievements to unlock. This ranges from the simple achievements, such as muting the game, to monetary achievements for earning gold at certain levels, to killing achievements, awarded for killing a certain amount of enemies. There are eight areas of achievements: Upgrades, Destruction, Survival, Play Time, Money, Completion, Total, and Miscellaneous.

There is also a Survival Mode in the Castle Guardian game, for players wishing to continue their battle long after completing the game. This option takes players into an all-out clicking frenzy devoid of mages and archers, relying solely on the clicking abilities of the player. There are no coins to chase around the screen, either. This truly is a clean and effortless finger-numbing battle.

The array of achievements and an assortment of upgrades make Castle: Guardian a fun mouse-clicking frenzy that boasts both strong artwork and a refreshing soundtrack by Nemesis Theory. The game offers a lot in the way of entertainment and the creative layout and achievements lend themselves to a triumph in the flash game industry.