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About Dungeon Developer

Dungeon Developer game turns gaming on its head by putting the player in the seat of the creator of the dungeon. Instead of playing the adventurer who explores dungeons and slays dragons as in normal games, here the player creates the dungeons and watches the adventurers battle their way through them. Dungeon Developer allows the player to unleash their creative skills and watch adventures unfold as a result of his creation. It shares similarities with the classic Dungeon Keeper game, one of the first ever master and slave games ever developed.

The player designs the dungeons as tunnels leading from the entry point to the exit point. Along the way, the player can place monsters for the explorers to fight, and gold and other rewards for the adventurers to win. When they collect rewards and kill monsters, you win points that help you to create more dungeons at lower levels. There are fifteen levels to be created. In the lowest level is where the Red Dragon lives. The game allows the player to arm the characters from an inventory of magic objects that they need in their missions. The objective of the game is to allow your adventurers to keep proceeding lower by collecting enough rewards. Eventually they reach the lowest level and kill the dragon.

The game challenges you to come up with intricate designs for your dungeons which are difficult to explore but not impossible. If the dungeon is too hard for the explorers to manoeuvre through them then they will die on you, ending the game. If the dungeon is too easy then the fortune hunters will not be able to collect enough gold to proceed to the next level.

You control the placement of monsters, gold and healing potions at judicious points in the dungeons. But you cannot control the actions of the adventurers. The only way that you can control their movements is by designing the path that they are meant to follow. You cannot directly control their fighting action. The lack of the ability to control the actors can be frustrating, as that is what you normally expect in a dungeons and dragons type of game. However, if you keep in mind that here you are playing the dungeon creator, it allows you to use your creative powers to design a game that will be entertaining and fulfilling at the same time.

The controls are simple and well laid out. Creating the tunnels to make your dungeon is as easy as clicking with your mouse. The strange collection of adventurers, which includes a wizard, is whimsical and interesting. The animation of the explorers is static and two dimensional. Overall, Dungeon Developer inspires your creativity and allows you to watch the consequences of your creation on a hapless bunch of witless explorers. It also provides a cute version of the classic Dungeon Keeper game many pc games came to love and although lacks some of the depth of Dungeon Keeper it holds up very well for a game created for web browsers.