Monster Slayers Game

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About Monster Slayers

In a world full of online flash games, there are few that break the 'pre-set' genre mould. It is great to see a game that breaks this mould and Monster Slayers game is one of those games.

Monster Slayers game is a RPG/strategy game that is different from the rest, mostly in the way you control your army. If you do not know what you are doing then you will probably be pressing keys to find out how to control your army, but you will soon realise that you do not control the army as you would expect. Players only have a selection of four controls they can use; defend attack, fall back and quick march. Your job is to control your army with these four commands to kill the enemies in front of you.

Every level differs in objective, even though the general rule is you need to get your army from start to finish without losing all of your men. On the first few levels, you should concentrate on getting all five men into your army. The best method to use is to get one of each available man. When you finish every level you can buy upgrades for your five characters. On different levels, you get increasingly tough bosses. You need to make sure you use all the correct controls to pass every level, and this does not just mean attack every time, you will need to call off your army and defend in some cases, otherwise you will not pass every level.

Every enemy that you kill will drop units that you need to pick. To do this, you need to hover over it with your mouse. Picking up these items is essential to progressing through the levels.

Every level is quick and uncomplicated; this means that you will not get bored on any of the levels, as they all have different enemies and different objectives.

The reason why this game is such a success is because everybody loves a strategy game, but the majority of games are too advanced and complicated. This is not one of these games. This is a fantastic game for a new strategy gamer. The complicated part of the game comes in what upgrades you buy for your characters, and this is something that you need to pay a lot of attention to in order to progress.

Monster Slayers game is not one of those games that is created every day, and this is why it needs to be played by all casual and strategy flash gamers online.