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Necronator 2: A Guide to Undead Upgrades

Welcome back to the world of Necronator! Now if you are a veteran of the previous game, it is highly likely that you have been left surprised and disoriented with the all new gameplay system. Gone is the old “spread a zombie plague” gameplay of the original title. Now you will have to deal with enemies manually, controlling each of your troops every step of the way and guiding them to victory RTS style. As impressive as this may sound, the controls are actually a lot less sensible than the previous title and there are plenty of new gameplay features to be learned.

So what is a world-dominating necromancer to do when the entire gameplay system has been changed? Get back to basics and learn everything from that top that is! We have compiled a short guide to the various upgrades that you will earn in the game to help ensure that each shield you use is well spent. After all, with these valuable resources being so hard to earn, you might as well use them properly. Sticking true to the roots of the original Necronator, we will focus on the Undead gameplay scenario (though expect the strategies to apply to some of the other playable factions as well).

About Shields

Shields are earned by doing a variety of tasks –the most basic is finishing a stage. Finishing a stage, in any difficulty, earns you a shield for that specific difficulty. Subsequent playthroughs in the same difficulty will not yield further shields. This means that shields cannot be farmed –which is a major drawback for those who are looking for an easier way to play the game.

Another way of earning shields is by accomplishing secondary objectives. The game is actually pretty straightforward with the secondary objectives –carefully lining out each instruction and the specific difficulty that can be played in. Players should note that objectives for lower difficulties can be achieved on higher difficulties (this means you can do a medium-level difficulty objective on a hard game and still get a shield). However, the opposite does not apply (achieving conditions for a hard object on a medium stage will not earn you a shield).

Focus on earning shields that have easy to reach requirements. This will allow you to have plenty of upgrades early in the game.


Your army has the types of soldiers that you can send out. As long as you have the required gold needed and have enough food available, you can summon a unit of troops into the field. They will spawn after a certain amount of time (the summoning time varies per troop type) and always at your hell-gate portal.

Undead Militia – these are the most basic of troops which use melee as their main skill in combat. They move slowly and are relatively weak, so we actually prefer the archers over them for the earlier stages of the game.

Undead Archers – makes use of bow to deal long range damage. While their movement and defense are not much unlike those of the militia, they are certainly able to deal more damage. The ranged combat ability is also an advantage against melee based enemies –and there are plenty of those in game. Lastly, they are able to deal with chaotic groups of civilians easily thanks to their ranged attacks.

Skeleton Minions – these guys are slightly stronger and better than the undead militia, they are good to use in some maps where a bit of melee presence is needed. But if you can afford it, undead swordsmen offer the good value for your gold during the earlier levels. They do not get phased out until you have access to the undead swordsmen.

Zombies (requires Skeleton Minions) – they are slow and have moderate HP, but they can turn the living into the undead. For the most part they work well as a support group for your other melee fighters or for holding off advancing enemies so that your archers can deal plenty of damage safely.

Undead Swordsmen – these are your first set of better melee fighters. They require plenty of food, but their gold cost for summoning is very reasonable. They make great tanks and are the perfect companion for archers.

Undead Spearmen (requires Undead Swordsmen) – slightly tougher than the swordsmen, their long spears provide them with a slight bit of range. They are actually quite strong in large groups, so try making small platoons of spearmen.

Undead Knights (requires Undead Swordsmen) – the toughest of the non-mounted fighters, knights can take plenty of damage and also deliver plenty of damage as well. Their only weakness is when they have to deal with ranged enemies

Undead Riflemen (requires Undead Swordsmen) – rifles are much better than bows in terms of attack damage, but the attack speed is slightly penalized. These riflemen also have better armor than archers so they make for a great first alternative to your archers.

Undead Mages (requires Undead Riflemen) – mages can cast really powerful and devastating spells at your enemies, all you need to do is to point them the right way. These guys are perfect for dishing out plenty of damage from a safe distance. The only drawback is that you will need to provide them with melee backup in case some enemies manage to get close.

Undead Grenadiers (requires Undead Riflemen) – they deal splash damage and are perfect for dealing with mobs. In short, grenadiers get a solid place in your army for their effectiveness in terms of dealing the most damage in an area. Much like the mages and riflemen, their HP is pretty low, but when paired up with a group of swordsmen or cavalry, they can hold out pretty well.

Undead Cavalry (requires Undead Swordsmen) -  these are basically your undead knights mounted on undead steeds. The advantage to being mounted is that all their stats have been improved and also, they fight a whole better. The best thing about having a mount is that their movement speed is much faster, allowing them to make able to close the gap with ranged enemies faster.

Undead Archer Cavalry (requires Undead Swordsmen) – much like the standard cavalry, the archer cavalry also gets the benefits of riding a saddle, faster movement speed, more HP per unit, etc. The only drawback they have is that the archers have less damage than the riflemen. So at this point, it becomes a balance and check between a ranged unit with fast speed and more HP, or a slower ranged unit but has higher damage capabilities.

Heroes – the undead are also accompanied by two special heroes; Santa and the Necromancer. Santa is melee fighter that deals plenty of damage and is able to provide nearby troops with buffs that will boost their offense, defense and even earnings. The jolly hero is already available at the start of the game and can be summoned as long as you have enough food and gold.

The Necromancer is the second hero of the undead. Unlike Santa, he has to be unlocked before he can be summoned. Also, you would need to have finished the Kriscenthold stage in Saerang region before you can buy him What this hero does, aside from dealing plenty of damage, is to raise the undead. This means that for every enemy that falls down, you will gain a new one to take its’ place.

Necronator 2 - Spells & Upgrades

Aside from summoning troops, you will also have the option of casting spells on the battlefield. Since there is no mana, you will have to pay for spells with gold instead.

Heal - provides your troops with additional HP to replenish any they may have lost. This spell is useful in keeping heroes and other troops alive when facing really tough enemies. Also, casting the heal spell will always be cheaper than having to re-summon an entire troop that has fallen. The spell has an area of effect so try to maximize it.

Spike - this will cause giant rocks to spike out from the ground, attacking anything in the target area several times. The spell requires a bit of foresight as there is a delay in the firing of the spikes.

Blizzard - this will cause a small snowstorm in the affected area. Every unit will be damaged by the snow and a movement penalty will be given to those affected.

Chain Lightning - this attack summons a large bolt of lightning that courses through several enemies in a single shot. Powerful and deadly, this spell is only hindered by the fact that you need the enemies to move in close enough so the chain effect is not wasted.

Meteor Strike - another delayed damage attack. The meteor strike is powerful but requires that you know where the enemy will be headed to ensure maximizing the damage. This is a good spell for dealing with enemy bosses as it causes a lot of damage instantly.

Curse - will lower the combat performance of an enemy unit. The spell is decent, but only if you use it in conjunction with other abilities. Try to use it on bosses and powerful troops as they try to attack your main squad or towers.

War Cry - the war cry will improve the combat abilities of your troops, this is a great buff when you are trying to siege a well defended base or when you want to give your hero a slight boost over an enemy boss.

Repair - this ability is useful in maps where you can build plenty of towers to use as defenses. With this, you can keep restoring the HP of towers to ensure that they can keep protecting your base.

You can use your shields for providing your troops and your base with passive abilities that will have permanent effects in battle. These boosts to unit stats are crucial for wining certain stages and meeting certain special objectives. Naturally, it is best for players to concentrate their shields on skills and abilities that will benefit the specific troops that they use.

Here is a Quick Upgrade Tree for Reference:

Basic Training – Increase HP of all units by +10%

        Advanced Training (fighters only) – 5% bonus to damage and defense
               Intensive Training – 10% bonus to attack speed and movement speed
                            Weapon Mastery – damage gets a +15% bonus
                            Berserk – damage and attack speed get a +15% bonus
                Valor – increases HP by +15%
                            Legendary Armor – increases defense by +15%
                            Divine Armor – increases defense and HP by +20%
                            Divine Shield – increase HP by +35% and defense by +30%
        Mystical Amplification (magic users only) – increase spell damage by +15%
               Magic Scroll – magic cooldown is reduced by +15%
               Orb – spell damage increased by +25%
               Spell Book Mastery – spell damage improved by +40%, cooldown by +40%

Prosperous – maximum food increased by +3, starting gold increased by +20

        Heritage – starting gold gets +30, earn +2 gold per kill
                Wealth – starting gold increased by +80
                Greedy – starting gold increased by +110, earn +3 gold per kill
                Golden Eggs Goose – starting gold increased by +150, earn +5 gold per kill
        Increase Experience – gain +15% more experience points
                Additional Food – maximum food increased by +6
                More Experienced – gain +30% more experience points
                Gluttony – maximum food increased by +9
                Food-a-holic – maximum food increased by +12

Fortress – structure HP increases by +20%, structure attack increases by +10%

        Mighty Arrow – structure attack and attack speed increased by +5%
                Rapid Shot – structure attack and attack speed increased by +10%
                Fatal Arrow – structure attack and attack speed increased by +20%
                Blitz Shot – structure attack and attack speed increased by +30%
        Barricade – structure HP increases by +50%
                Fortification – structure HP increases by +80%
                Iron Wall – structure HP increases by +110
                Indestructible – structure HP increases by +150
                Gate of Titan – structure HP increases by +180