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About Pillage the Village

Pillage the Village game is a browser-based web game by Xgen Studios that offers the prequel story to the popular Defend your Castle game. In this new edition by Skye Boyes, players take the reigns as a cursor hand with a knack for killing innocent villagers. In the midst of frantic mouse clicking, players click, grab, toss, and chase villagers all over the screen in the attempt to kill everybody before they have a chance to escape the village. The game also provides many laughs thanks to the wonderful wit of the game designers who take a less than serious look at an otherwise quite serious game.

The game play is straightforward, pick up villagers with the mouse, use up and down arrows to move close or farther away, toss villagers by releasing the mouse button in a flinging fashion. When the villager comes crashing back to earth, they will either be seriously injured or perish all together. In addition to flinging villagers, players will enjoy other silly methods, such as bowling huts into the villagers, throwing sheep at the villagers, or throwing villagers at one another. Dead villagers drop coins for players to collect and add to their till. As the game progresses, villagers that are more formidable appear, including parachuting villagers, ninjas, and hang gliders. These villagers take specific skills and extra effort to kill, but drop more coins. To pick the coins up, simply roll the mouse over them. In the top-right of the screen, there is an indicator, which tells how many villagers have escaped. Three escaped villagers, and your game is over. If players kill all the remaining villagers before three escapes, they move onto the next round.

After completing round three of the Pillage the Village game and after each following level, players get to upgrade the pillager. There are three themes of upgrades: Neutral, Pacifist, and Antagonist. Players may choose from neutral upgrades, such as engineering pit traps, schemes to earn more mana, and venture capitalization. The Pacifist upgrades offer gentler ways of murder, such as euthanasia, humane cages, and stopping time to increase the level duration, which adds to a chance to earn more money. Antagonistic upgrades include the Power Gauntlet, ACME Anvil, and an ultra-cool force field called the Great Barrier. The higher upgrades for the Pacifist and the Antagonist require additional currency in the form of "Alignment Points." Players earn "Alignment Points" by purchasing and using the first level of upgrades in the respective group. A Pacifist will earn positive (+) points, while an Antagonist will be earning negative (-) points. After upgrading, players enter a "Save" screen, which is more than a welcome addition to any browser-based game.

In an exciting fast-paced web browser format, Pillage the Village shines as a well-designed game full of entertainment and wit. The characters are zany, the upgrades are fantastic, and the artwork is cartoonish but by no means in a negative way. Created by the people over at Xgen Studios with the founder, Skye Boyes taking the helm, this game offers a true triumph in game design, making it a truly magnificent diversion and an excellent prequel to defend your castle.