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About the Game

Siegius is a new real-time strategy game where you are required to protect your castle from waves of attacks from oncoming enemy units. The aim is to send your own units out, employ siege weapons and artillery to defeat the enemies and destroy their castle. The game starts with you protecting your castle from loads of enemies with artillery, catapults and archery, and then moves on to a brief but excellent tutorial which includes aspects of the battle pacing. Below are some of the key aspects of the game...


Numerous bugs aside, the gameplay is intriguing, interesting and most importantly, challenging in general. The game allows you to customize your units' skill set so that you can choose the upgrades that suit your style the best. This allows you, and in fact the game requires that you mix up your troop types and strategies to come up with the best combinations for certain levels. The game also features a commendable upgrade system in keeping with allowing you to choose the best path for your units. The game is on the whole very well balanced between the attacking and defending sides although the Roman campaign appears to be easier than the Gaul and Boar campaigns.

The main issue with the Siegius game is the speed. The units tend to move a little too slowly, and there is no speed-up button to increase their speed. Also, the game doesn't allow you to micro-manage your troops, so you cannot select which ones you'd like to send in to attack first or if you'd like to attack or retreat. The game also tends to get a bit tedious and repetitive, especially because there are no checkpoints so if you die you have to start from the beginning.

Overall though, with concepts such as using your troops to mind resources and multiple lanes for the troops, this game does really well through just its gameplay to overcome these minor issues and be fun to play.


Siegius is quite visually appealing without being a drag on people with slower internet connections, with graphics that could generally be labeled as cute and fun, especially for a free online game. It's easy to work out one faction from the other through the features themselves, which isn't something you can take for granted in these sort of games. On the negative side, the grass is a bit off-putting, but that isn't a major issue at all.


The audio is, well, there's no other word for it, awesome. It completely suits the genre of the game and really gets you in the mood for the game. It borrows quite heavily from the game Age of War of a similar genre, especially initially, but as the game moves on the music regains some of its originality without much of a drop in quality.

Score - 80%

The Siegius game has some great gameplay, audio and graphics with good in-game cut scenes and a nice narrative with some humor thrown in, some of which is actually decent. The main gripe anyone can have with the game is that it is too slow. The units aren't fast enough, which slows the whole game down and makes it a bit tedious. The fun aspect more than makes up for it though, so all in all it can be rated as a very good game which could be great with some minor tweaks.