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About Swords and Sandals Crusader

swords and sandals crusader game: game options

Swords and Sandals Crusader is another link in the chain of witty and entertaining games by 3RDSENSE. There are two of four modes free in the online version. Players use strategy alongside a bit of luck to defeat the enemy in a series of epic battles, that could only come from the series that became popular for its wit, humor and cleverness.

The free online version of Swords and Sandals Crusaders game offers two modes. There is a Survival Mode and a Campaign Mode. The game differs quite a bit from the other games in the series, as it is not a Gladiator-type fighting game. Swords and Sandals Crusaders follow troop battles where players lead their armies into battle against seven other leaders in hopes of conquering the entire map.

swords and sandals crusader game: survival mode swords and sandals crusader game: survival battle mode

In Survival Mode, players fight to the death in epic battles against the other eight Crusaders. Each battle begins with the player's team on the left of the screen and the challenger on the right. Players take turns commanding their troops to attack cautiously, normal, or ferociously. The goal of each battle is to rise victorious, in order to move onto to the next foe. In addition to normal fighting tactics, players have options to summon creatures, an archangel, or even send out powerful defensive spells.

swords and sandals crusader game: campaign mode

A map hosts the Campaign Mode, which acts like a game board. Taking turns, players and their opponents choose to do a number of tasks: buy troops, dig for treasure, transfer armies, and end their turn. As some goals are monetary, players may spend a good deal of the game taking over bordering lands and digging for gold. Other goals are focused on defeating the opponent, in these cases; players must challenge their opponent to a battle and win. Purchasing troops to raise their odds helps ensure that players meet these goals. Once the Crusaders reach these achievements, they earn three skill points to build up their reserves. The battles themselves are played similar to the Survival Mode, but there is an auto-play option, which allows the computer to decide the winner quickly according to odd, and allows the game to move along more quickly.

The purchasable full version hosts two more modes for increased entertainment. In Quick Battle, the game is custom-made by the player; they choose the battlefield, the leaders, and the number of troops involved. The ultimate goal is to beat themselves at their own game. The final option, Conquer the Realm, allows players to choose which leader they would like to play with, as opposed to accepting King Lionel as their leader, which is the default leader.

Swords and Sandals Crusaders game brings the fun of battle to the computer for gamers to enjoy without leaving the comfort of their seat. Players lead troops into battle in the hopes of conquering the world while enjoying the exceptional game design and wit they have come to expect from the 3RDSENSE team. It is a fun addition to the line of games in the series and offers a fresh approach to the theme.