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About The Great Siege

Kongregate games offers The Great Siege game, a whimsical strategy game, for free online play. The game features fresh sound effects and an array of attractive characters, due to its artistically executed graphics. In The Great Siege, players battle enemies such as goblins and ogres, earning gold along the way. Players spend their gold on purchasing supplies, building structures, hiring armies, and upgrading their buildings, armies, and weaponry. The game also features an extensive tutorial that takes players through the game systematic with instructions, tips, and hints.

The game features a map, which depicts the lands, which must be defeated. Players return to this screen each time they conquer a land. The game's main screen, City Mode, features a Building panel for players to build up their city and weapons to equip them for battle. Each building has its own value in the game. The menus are all terrifically straightforward and feature information on each item, to help players make their city strong. Once prepared for battle, players press the battle button on the top right-hand side of the screen to enter the battlefield. Each land has a number of battles. Each battle, in turn, has a number of waves within it. Each battle runs a specific amount of time; players must either be able to hold out the entire time or kill all of the enemies in order to move onto the next round.

Enemies approach the left side of the screen, where the catapult and city wall are located. As they approach, players must aim the catapult at the enemy in hopes of stopping them on their tracks. As the game progresses and players have the funds to purchase barracks, they may build armies. First players build troops, by clicking the button at the top-left of the screen depicting two flags. Under this menu, players have the option of building an army, commanding an army, loading a saved game, and returning to the main menu.

First, players must build the army. Armies may be purchased, funds permitting, up to the maximum population of the town. This number is in direct correlation to the farm building. Upgrading the farm building allows the town to hold a greater population, in turn, allowing players to build larger armies. Once the armies are purchases, the player commands them into battle. By returning to the same menu any time throughout the battle, players may command the army. Once the troops reach the far end of the battlefield, they either level up or return to the city, where they await deployment.

The final stage of each land ends with a boss. Bosses are difficult enemies to kill and can take quite a beating. As the boss makes his way towards the wall, players must pummel him or deploy soldiers to attack, while also defending themselves against his swarm of reinforcements. The boss has a life bar on the top right-hand corner of the screen, and this allows players to see how much damage the boss has sustained, hence decide how much more will be needed to destroy this foe.

An attractive strategy game from Kongregate Games, The Great Siege game, is a challenging and enjoyable flash game with many upgrade possibilities. The amount of personalization along with a strong strategic aspect this game is an entertaining prospect in the flash game realm.