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How to Work Together: A Beginner's Guide to The Last Castle

The Last Castle provides players with enjoyable multiplayer experience that allows one to play around with character builds, try out all the classes and simply have fun while playing the game. With that being said, surviving all those waves and figuring out what one can do to be a better support can be a bit of a tricky challenge if you are just starting out. So if you have just made a new character -or are planning to do, we suggest you read this guide first to get acquainted with the system and gameplay of the Last Castle.

Starting Out

The important thing to remember when playing the Last Castle is to register and log in, this will ensure that your progress is saved and your effort will never go to waste -after all, why spend so much earning experience points if you will not be able to ,make use of them later on? Also, it is a significantly more enjoyable experience to play the game once your character has gained a few levels and you have good skills to use. Registering allows you to have a player name and a continuous experience point count; as for your class and skills, that can be changed anytime.

Getting into the Game

From the player lobby, you may choose to join an existing game or create a new one. Creating a new game allows for several options: room name, privacy (private rooms will have a password, public rooms are completely open) and lastly, level limitations. You may have a room that accepts any leveled character of restrict it so that only characters that are in the range of either 5 or 10 levels above and below you may join.

Once you have at least two people in the party, you are allowed to start the battle; however, it is strongly advised that you get a full party of three before starting the game. Prior to starting the game, you will see the silhouettes of the three player classes with start beside them. This is your class preference, you can click on the stars to change which class has the highest number of stars -the game will then automatically give you a player class at the start of every game by comparing the different preference rankings and levels of the players in the party.

In the game itself, you and your teammates will be given the chance to distribute skill and stat points to your characters -the number of points to distribute varies on the amount of experience points you have earned so far. Be careful when choosing a skill as there is no way to change this until you start a new game.

Leveling Up

Every player class has 5 stats and 3 main skills. In order to get stronger, you must distribute points to each -choosing which ones to increase is where your decision making counts. Here is a quick guide to the stats and skills used in the game.


  • Health - is the maximum hit points your character has. Naturally, the higher this stat goes, the more damage you are able to absorb. Knights increase HP in increments of 45. Rangers increase HP in increments of 28. Mages increase HP in increments of 26.
  • Mana - is used to cast spells and skills. The more mana that you have, the more skills you can cast. Also, mana regenerates, which is important to know in battle. Knights increase MP in increments of 5. Rangers increase MP in increments of 7. Mages increase MP in increments of 15.
  • Attack - is the amount of damage you deal in each strike. Knights increase damage in increments of 2. Rangers and mages increase damage in increments of 1.
  • Range - controls how far your attack range is. Knights are melee combatants, and are not able to increase range. Rangers and mages increase range in increments of 10 pixels.
  • Speed - determines how fast you can attack. This is measured in seconds. Knights increase speed in increments of -0.05 seconds. Rangers and mages increase speed in increments of -0.1 seconds.
  • Knight Skills

    • Stomp - will make the knight jump up and down briefly. This will cause a small shockwave to come out and damage nearby enemies. This can be upgraded to stun opponents for a short while and also to include fire damage.
    • Mighty Dash - is an active skill that will send your knight charging forward damaging all enemies hit by the dash move. This can be upgraded to add a stun effect as well as a temporary movement speed buff (you can also use dash to run away from enemies).
    • Rage - is a powerful passive skill that allows a knight to double their damage per attack (varies on upgrade level). This skill can be upgraded to provide the knight with health regeneration and a bit of berserker ability -trading a bit of HP to further increase the damage dealt.

    Ranger Skills

    • Frost Flask - is a thrown attack that affects a small area. Enemies caught in the blast will suffer a bit of damage. This can be upgraded to provide a freezing effect on enemies as well as giving poison status.
    • Assassinate - is a single powerful shot that deals plenty of damage on a single target. When upgraded, this can provide additional damage to bosses and also have a stun effect on all enemy types.
    • Focus - the most powerful ranger skill. This passive ability increases the ranger's attack speed, and when upgraded, the arrows can deal fire and wounding damage -both of which will cause damage over time. Also, the wounding damage upgrade will slow down enemy movement as well.

    Mage Skills

    • Heal - allows you to recover lost HP for you or your party. This can be upgraded into a group heal ability (with the target getting the most HP recovery). Another upgrade to heal allows it to prove MP recovery for the target. This skill is vital in any scenario, as it is able to keep players fighting longer as well as the fact that it can be used to repair any damage taken by the castle.
    • Fireball - a basic targeted spell that deals huge amount of damage on a single enemy. When upgraded, it can be given splash damage attribute and can also be used to set enemies on fire.
    • Support Stick - this skill allows you to summon a stationary stick that will shoot magical bolts at enemies. This is a very powerful skill, as it not only deals plenty of damage, but when upgraded it can provide a regenerative ability and a damage buff for those who are near it.

    Defending the Castle

    After you distribute your points, you are then given command of your character -allowing you to move around the stage to face enemies. The most common setup is that two players will take one side while the player with the highest level will take on the other. This will allow you all to have the time to wear down the enemy waves without letting them get close to the castle -this also gives you plenty of breathing room to run backwards for a bit. As a general rule, mages stay behind any class as they have the lowest HP and knights will play the role of the tank.

    To control your character, use the keyboard buttons 1 and 2 to command move and attack location (respectively). The letters Q, W and E will access the skills you have (depending on which skills are available).

    A wave will last for a set amount of time, even if you do not beat them all, as long as your castle stands, the only thing you need to do is focus on surviving until daylight comes. All the creatures in each wave will die once the sun comes up, so try to survive until then. After every wave, the sun will set and a new wave will come charging in -and every new wave will always be stronger than the first. The first big milestone for any player is wave 16: which is the first massive boss encounter in the game. Be careful once you make it here, as there will bosses from both the left and right sides of the map. If your entire party dies, or the castle is destroyed, the game will end and you can start another game. Your starting wave number will be determined by the levels of the players in your party, so once you have progressed enough, expect to start at a higher number instead of wave 1.

    In Game Power Ups

    Every now and then, enemies will drop special items that will help you out. HP and MP potions will restore the corresponding stat. Damage will multiply your attack power by 2, the hourglass will increase your attack speed and the shoes will increase your movement speed. Be thoughtful and generous with your teammates when going for these power ups -make sure the person who gets it truly needs it.

    Progressing the Game

    After a few battles, you will be used to the gameplay system and the community of the Last Castle. In fact, between the initial learning curve and reaching the highest level (currently 38), there really is not much else that players should look forward to. Of course, it does pay off to learn a few tricks in maximizing the use of certain skills but aside from that, the game is all about having fun and cooperating with others. In the end, what truly matters is not how high your level is or how many waves you have survived, but rather, how much fun you are having with those playing with you.

    About the Last Castle

    The last castle is a new take on tower defense where you control one of three special units (in multi player mode) and aim to protect the last castle of a kingdom under siege by evil forces.

    Wave after wave of different monsters come to attack your castle and you will need to work together as a team of three to fend off the evil.

    When the game is made available for viral use we shall publish it here.

    The Aim of the Game

    the last 

castle game: the aim

    You must protect the empire's last castle from hordes of relentless enemies coming from the left and right of the castle. The team you control consist of three mighty warriors: a powerful knight, a deadly ranger and a merciless magician (mage). You must try to survive countless waves of enemies and not let the 1000 hp of your castle be chipped away by the monsters, otherwise the game is over!

    The Team

    the last castle game: the team

    Each fighter has their own unique strengths.

    The Knight has brute force and should absorb most of the damage as well as deliver a telling blow to his enemies. He should defend one side of the screen along with the mage (to start with atleast). As the opportunity to defend early on either the left or right becomes more difficult for the knight he will come to take responsibility for absorbing damage on both the left and the right side attacks. This will not be an easy task to accomplish.

    The Ranger has ranged attacks and should take the opposite side to the knight and the mage early on in the game. Having superior range and distance he can pretty much hold one side on his own for many of the earlier waves with little support needed by either the knight or the mage.

    The mage (or as the game name's him the magician) has magic. His most important magic is his ability to heal as no other class can restore HP to the other team members. Healing can be done through the main heal spell and through the magic stick.

    Give The Orders!

    the last 

castle game: give them orders

    You can give your fighters orders by clicking on them. You can choose from the orders panel at the bottom of the screen between the health and power gauges. Power regenerates over time but life does not.

    Earn points

    the last 

castle game: earn points

    In The Last Castle game each moon that goes by makes enemy waves stronger. But don't worry! Each wave you survive gives you points that you can use to upgrade your characters and attack skills for next time you play.

    Go Shopping

    the last 

castle game: go shopping

    At the beginning of each game in the Last Castle you can spend your points on different apsects and skills of your fighters. The question is, what sort of fighters do you want your defenders to become?

    The Last Castle: Monsters

    the last castle game: monsters



last castle monsters: pilgrim

    Pilgrims are the weakest of the baddies. Be careful though, they come in numbers.



last castle monsters: chaman

    Beware! These little guys can attack from a distance using magic.

    Jungle Snapper

    the last castle monsters: jungle snapper

    The Jungle Snappers are trained by the pilgrims to join combats. They will never turn on their masters.



last castle monsters: badaboom

    Once in a while a fat pilgrim is born with superior strength. They make the best fighters.

    Crazy Skeleton

    the last castle monsters: crazy skeleton

    Not only are they back from the dead, but they are totally insane. They even throw bones at you!



last castle monsters: zombie

    Zombies are hungry for your brains, watch out!



last castle monsters: reaper

    The reaper is very slow, but don't let him touch you, he deals a lot of damage. If he's in a crowd, take him out first before he slips in amoungst the chaos to touch you!



last castle monsters: vampire

    This is not the kind that glows in the sun. We don't go that here...



last castle monsters: mutation

    Something went very wrong here. It will take some time to take this thing down.

    Possessed Monkey

    the last castle monsters: possessed monkey

    This monkey has gone completely mad! Some say a demon's soul is living inside him.



last castle monsters: demon

    Speaking of demons, here we have one in the flesh. Fresh out of hell, these demons are ready to mess things up.

    Little Hell Fiend

    the last castle monsters: little hell fiend

    These little creatures are literally soldiers from hell. They seem smaller than usual.

    Evil Lobster

    the last castle monsters: evil lobster

    No army of monsters would be complete without an evil lobster. They have a painful pinch and look very scary up close, best not look too close then...

    Big Hell Fiend

    the last castle monsters: big hell fiend

    Another solider from hell, it's a fatter version of the hell fiend and he will take some toppling!


    the last castle monsters: chupacabras

    The Chupacabras is a creature of legend. It feeds on souls.

    Earth Elemental

    the last castle monsters: earth elemental

    Once in a while, dark magic can bring back some lost creatures of mother nature and turn them on the good of humanity.

    Fire Elemental

    the last castle monsters: fire elemental

    Straight from the depths of the earth, this fire elemental is not here for fun and games and will surely test how brave your knight is!