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About Vertical Drop Heroes

Vertical drop Heroes is a game which is a fusion of many different types of video games, but has a unique style and extremely fun dialogue. The graphics are undemanding and reminiscent of 16-bit graphics technology found 25 years ago. The game features pleasant electronic background music, which adds to the whimsy and nostalgia of the game.

Players may choose from survival mode, two-player mode, or traditional game play. The keyboard controls the game. The left and right arrow keys move the character from side to side among the blocks suspended in space. The up arrow makes him jump. The "p" button pauses the game, and the "q" button exits the game. There are many special blocks, as well. One such block is a cage. When a player lands upon a caged ally, he may rescue him by pressing the down arrow. There are dangerous blocks throughout each level, these either have spikes or shoot at the player.

Many enemies in the Vertical Drop Heroes game lay in wait in the game, as well. Players can either use their individual power (spacebar) or jump on the enemy to kill them. However, not all enemies are slain by being jumped on. The final, and perhaps most significant block is the treasure chest block. Landing on these opens the cheat, revealing treasures such as gold, mana, and extra life. The end of each level features a prompt to find an exit. To do this, players must lead their character over a key to exit the level.

Players navigate around a map, entering levels along their route. Each level begins with the player as a simple peasant. As the player progresses downward, through the level, they encounter other characters locked in cages. Players may free these heroes by pressing the "down" arrow. Once the player frees a character, they become the newly liberated character. This gains them the skills and powers that character possesses, as well. Each character has a distinctive trick they can perform to help the player pass the level:

  • Ranger - this ranged hero shoots arrows at enemies (spacebar), can double jump, and is both quick and agile.
  • Paladin - the slowest hero, but also the strongest. He can break the block he is standing on by stomping with space bar.
  • Thieve - this is the most agile of the heroes, but thieves can double jump, so this means that they can escape from dangerous situations.
  • Mage - this magical hero can throw fireballs (spacebar) to crush both enemies and blocks.
  • Barbarian - barbarians can go berserk (spacebar) and become immune to all enemy fire for five seconds. The barbarian can also double jump.

According to the segment entitled "Developer's Notes," the game's creator made Vertical Drop Heroes game as a fusion of traditional drop-style games, like Tetris, platform games, and role-playing games (RPG's). The aim of the game is to be an accessible game that can be played anytime, along with randomization, so it can be played repeatedly. The addition of the five types of characters adds to the customization and replay value of the game.