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About Warlords Heroes

Ben Olding Games brings a tough-fighting fantasy battle game to the flash games market with the Warlords 2 Game: Heroes. In this free online game, players wield a spear against enemy fighters in the hope of saving their land from erupting into a brutal war. The game features a strong background soundtrack and life-like battle sound effects, which toggles on or off, as well as attractive graphics and a well-done narrative.

The game has three different modes of play. Normal Mode takes players on a journey across the map in a series of episodes, pitting them in battle after battle. In Survival Mode, players aim to get as many kills and stay alive as long as possible in an endless game of endurance with increasing difficulty. Gladiator Mode pits players in battles against gladiator champions from other races. Players unlock new opponents for Gladiator Mode by completing episodes.

Normal Mode consists of four episodes. They are as follows: Episode 1- A Lost Messenger, Episode 2- The Fugitive Prince, Episode 3- A Brother's Anger, and Episode 4- A Common Foe. Within each episode are a number of levels. These are accessed through a map of the land, which outlines the starting point, destination, and outlying areas in between. The player chooses the next stop in their route to their goal, therefore, accepting the mission, which lies ahead. By scrolling the cursor over the optional routes, players can view the name of the land and its ruler, the level of difficulty, and the reward associated with the said mission. Each level consists of a few different enemies, encountered along the journey from the left of the screen to the right. Many enemies drop gold, upon death, so players should be keen to pick up this gold, to use later in the game. Players must kill all enemies before moving on.

In between levels, there is an options menu, which consists of upgrades. Purchasable items include extra lives, new fighting moves, armour, magic spells, and henchmen to assist the player. There is also access to a strategy guide, which opens up in a new window for convenience, accessed through this menu. Since players may die up to 4 times in a given level, extra lives are a wise purchase, as they are less expensive than weaponry or armour, so this is a brilliant strategic move early on in the game when gold is scarce. The strategy guide is immensely helpful, especially to new players or those which wish to optimize their game-play experience.

The game is controlled via the keyboard. Players may choose to either use the arrow keys to move left and right, accompanied by the up arrow to jump, down arrow to block, and the four and 5 keys to strike. Conversely, the "A" and "D" keys control movement, with the "W" key controlling jumps and the "S" key controlling blocks. With this set of controls, players strike by pressing the "T" and "Y" keys.

Warlords 2 Game: Heroes offers sophisticated battle scenes, nice graphics, and excellent sound effects. As a flash game geared at fans of Role Playing Games (RPG) and battle games genres, Warlords Heroes is a fantastic way to spend a few hours, clicking like mad, in hopes of decapitating an enemy or two.