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Kongregate offer a great variety of their own free browser games and some high quality 3rd party games to play directly on their website.

Armor Games are creators of the browser games series as Crush the Castle and sponsors of the highest reated td game - Kingdom Rush .

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Kingdom Rush OriginsTribal Wars game

If anyone ever tries to convince you that Kingdom Rush isn't as good as tower defense gets then all of their other opinions, past and present, have been instantly made void. Not only does Kingdom Rush Origins swoop back into the gaming world with more of the same sublime gameplay we've come to expect from Ironhide's work of genius, but with some new tower-tree progression, a revamped look, new enemies, and new heroes to make things sweeter than ever before.

Tribal WarsTribal Wars game

If you find yourself hungry for the fame and notoriety that can only be achieved the successful management of a medieval village, then Tribal Wars may just be the snack you need to satiate that hunger. Take control of a small settlement and guide them to fame and power as you manage your expanding estate and mark your place in the fictional world of Tribal Wars by battling with neighbouring villages to become the most powerful in all of the land.  Read more & download

About The Games We Host & Review

Castle games are a small collection of castle building and conquering games that have been popular for a long time now, in particular with those who enjoy the medieval period and the empire building strategy challenge posed by such games as well as others from other eras. Other more simpler games such as crush the castle by Armor Games touch on the subject in a much quicker and lighter sense. The basic premise of any of the games remains the same, to building your own castle together with an army of knights, guards, archers and so forth to protect it, whilst looking to besiege and destroy other neighbouring kingdoms. Great examples of such games online include Tribal Wars 2 and Forge of Empires.

More primitive flash games such as flash empires and gemcraft have been played by millions of people worldwide. Whilst not fully accomplished castle tower defense they do have their own fans.

castle wars 1 game screenshot

Castle wars was released far before crush the castle, in this strategy game you must defeat your opponent through a top trumps type card playing game in order to bring their castle down before they crush yours. There are two difficulty levels, beginner and hard. This game was a rather basic castle game and featured little in the way of interactive graphics on how the castles were smashed down, so although the concept was well thought of, the excitement and level of fun were average compared to other free castle games.

swords and sandals 1 game screenshot

The previously mentioned swords and sandals was a step up from castle wars and gathered a strong audience. It offered an animated and quirky rpg fighting game based around the roman gladiators of the first century BCE and the second century CE. As a gladiator you must pit your witts and brawn against a series of opponents. For every opponent you defeat you gain gold to spend on upgrades to your armor, weapons and skills in order to fight against tougher warriors. The game received a popular welcome on and throughout many flash gaming portals. It didn't however define this genre as it was known more as a fighting game than one of the great games.

So what did crush the castle do to solidify this genre? Well for a start it was created by Armor Games. If any reader doesn't know who Armor Games are they are one of the biggest free gaming portals and sponsors on the internet pulling in millions of visitors every month. Most games that come out of their development pot are highly rated and played by millions of fans. Crush the Castle and Crush the Castle 2 followed the likes of the Sonny series of rpg games in becoming instant hits with fans. The concept is fairly simple and deviates from the usual castle defense games idea, you hurl a projectile across the screen at a castle in an attempt to smash it down and kill the jacks, knights, queens, kings and wizards taking refuge on the inside of the castle walls. The game uses a physics engine to make the falling of towers properly conform with how a castle would likely fall if it was hit by a boulder in many different areas.

Crush the castle was one of the first online castle based games to take full advantage of the growing popularity in physics based games. The game is made even harder by large walls blocking an easy assault on a castle meaning you must release a boulder at the correct milisecond of time in order to successfully crush the castle hiding on the otherside. Along the way you receive automatic upgrades to help you with your quest of ultimate domination of many lands.

The game also features a castle building application allowing players to create their own castles and levels for others to play. Indeed the best of these level designs were released in a sequel known as the crush the castle players pack. Above you can view a screen shot of the second in the series.

sieger game screenshot

A game called 'Sieger' - was also released by Armor Games and developed by War Spark Game Studio offering a different perspective on castle crushing games. In game sieger you fire large arrows at a castle from a first person front perspective as opposed to crush the castles left to right set up.

The aim is similiar to crush the castle in that you must demolish a castle or tower in as little shots as possible whilst also guarding the hostages that lie between the castle walls. Sieger also lets you aim at particular section of a castle pillar, meaning you can either hit each pillar on the left side, the middle and the right side. These variables are the key to completing the game on a brilliant victory (gold star). I'd fully recommend checking this game out as it offers a timely release from the more difficult crush the castle series.

Another title that has been on the rise for some time is the brotherhood of battle game by Xgen Studios. Offering a 3d perspective on wars based around defending castles you must establish a strong army to conquer your opponent with. You control a main knight and various other characters such as a wizard in an rpg type multiplayer battle game.

You can also enhance your fortress and research into various areas such as the armory in order to help solidify both attack and defense. The game pits one online player against another and even 3 or 4 players together making it a full online multiplayer rpg game. The games enjoyment however depends upon the availability of other players which at certain times can be scarce depending on where your living and what time it is.

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