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Brotherhood of Battle

Brotherhood of Battle game is an online strategy/battle game with head-to-head action. Brotherhood of Battle is an online player vs. player game, where you pit yourself against other users from all over the Internet. The graphics are strong, the sound effects are humorous, and this game is an enjoyable game to play.

Xgen prompts players to login to play the game, but playing as a guest is an option for those who do not wish to create an account. Once logged into the game, players can choose from either a beginner match, which earns no points and is perfect for newcomers, or points match, which allows players to play competitively to climb the ranks. There are five types of games within these two options: Assault, Capture the Flag, Brotherhood Battle, Gold Rush, Capture and Hold. Each of these has its own set of goals to reach to become the winner. Players have a chat box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to chat with their opponent.

The basic game play uses a combination of keystrokes and using the mouse. AT the start of the turn, the character in play is seen within an illuminated circle. Players may move that character only to the boundaries of that circle, using the arrow keys. Pressing the "r" key or "Undo" sends the character back to their original position. Once moved, players must use one of their abilities.

They may attack, take an object, or take a defensive stance/perform a battle cry; these options are shown beside the character's icon on the left-hand side of the screen. Once close enough to an enemy, you can click on the enemy to choose from a number of attack moves to perform. Each attack move has statistics listed pertaining to the amount of damage dealt versus amount of power the attack requires. When players come to items which they may take, they click on the item and then on the "take" icon above it. Once finished with all units, players end their turn by pressing the "End Turn" button.

During their turn, players also build up fellowship by recruiting troops, expanding their fortress, and performing upgrades to it. The tool bar in the lower portion of the screen shows the actions available to the fortress: build, recruit, and research. Players perform research to up their defence. The Training Hall is a place to train units in their respective crafts. The Treasury allows research in taxing, mining, and seeking allegiance to gain more gold. Finally, the Armoury is the site for research pertaining to battle skills such as speed, strength, and discipline. Players may recruit from the following categories:

  • Knight - well-equipped close-ranged fighter.
  • Priest - has the ability to heal and protect allies on the field.
  • Ranger - long-range fighter and scout.
  • Mage - A spell-caster- can assist other allies or deal
  • damage to multiple enemies at one time.
  • Rogue - stealthy ninja-like fighter.

Brotherhood of Battle game is tremendously exciting; with the combination of humour, attractive graphics, and an interactive chat format. Players will enjoy this game for hours on end, challenging foes from all corners of the globe.