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About Castle Attack 2

Bored of countless tower building defence games? Well you should not be, but if you fancy something slightly different to the norm then look no further than Castle Attack 2 game. Castle attack 2 allows you to control archers to kill approaching enemies who are trying to overthrow your castle, but why is this game one of the all-time defence genre successes? Let's take a look and find out why.

Your roll in the game of Castle Attack 2 is to stop enemies from bringing down the castle and taking over your kingdom. To do this, you must use your archers who you directly control and a collection of 'special' attacks. You need to have delayed the attackers for long enough so your workers can build a castle.

If the enemy breaks down your front wall, then your lord will defend your castle while it is being built. Remember, if your first wall and lord defend the castle for long enough then the level is complete.

Initially to defend your castle you have 3 archers and 3 workers. The 3 archers are used to stop the attack, however, if you feel they may be better suited to building your castle then you can send them over to build the castle, if you want to bring them back to your attack then you can. Getting the balance right between the amount of archers and workers is essential to overcoming the game. To take archers from the defence and move those archers into construction press the down arrow, and to put them back on the wall press the up arrow. To change the archer's angle press either the left or right arrow depending on if you want to increase or decrease the angle.

If the archers are proving ineffective against the attack, then you have a total of 3 backup plans. You can either:

  • Press Z - Z will pour boiling water onto your enemy. Boiling water is effective against men but not siege equipment.
  • Press X - X Fires the mangonel. This will do severe damage to everything not already attacking the wall.
  • Press C - C releases flaming logs. These logs will destroy everything in their path.

Now this may make the game sound easier, however, you will soon realise that you get more points if you do not use these buttons. This means completing each level without the use of Z X and C will give you more points.

Alongside all aspects of the game are extra bonuses in every level; for example, daisy the cow will appear from time to time, shooting her with your archers will give you an extra 3000 points. There is also a point's multiplier for accuracy, which you will be able to see in the centre of the screen.

Working your way through increasingly tough levels on castle attack 2 is hard but is by no means impossible. The game is one that offers a lot of differences from other defence games, but still keeps the same basic premise; defend your castle at all costs.