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About Crush the Castle 1

Each castle has a unique layout and design and has a different number of people inside. Within the walls of these castles are Queens, Kings, Maidens, and Guards. When a wall, ceiling, or stone hits a person, they perish. In addition, if a person is knocked off the tower and falls to the ground then they will die. As a humorous addition, the game features sound effects when the enemy is killed in the form of a grunt, groan, or wail. If the player can kill all of the Queens, Maidens, Kings, and Guards in the allotted amount of shots, then they are deemed a "Royal Success" and move onto the next castle. If they fail, the game labels them a "Royal Failure" and they must either retry the level or quit.

The bottom of the screen features a display bar with the number of enemies killed in the current level, the choices of ammunitions, and which level at which the game is. Alongside these displays, game creators blessed perfectionists with a "Reset" button to retry levels repeatedly until they feel that they have come up with the best solution to the physics puzzle at hand.

The goal is to knock down the castle in the fewest shots possible. There is also a limit to how many shots are available. In the top-centre of the screen, there is a display showing the number of shots left. Armed with a Trebuchet and a few varying projectiles (which players may choose from, and differ from level to level), players must test their knowledge of physics in order to defeat the enemy by crushing their castle. A single click on the screen sets the Trebuchet in motion. When the weapon has reached the desired angle, players must click the screen again to release the projectile towards the towers. The angle at which the Trebuchet releases is a vital factor as to whether or not the castle will fall. Since timing is everything in this game, players must keep a sharp eye on the Trebuchet and its munitions. A split-second too late and a projectile can turn from lean, mean toppling machine into a useless fly-by.

crush the castle 1 game: castle smashing screen shots

To add to the element of strategy, there are eight different types of ammunition to choose from- small single stone, small stone group (three stones), medium single stone, medium stone group (3 stones), large single stone, large stone group (3 stones), single bomb, and bomb group (3 bombs). The game begins with only the small single stone as an option, but as the levels progress, players unlock more options until all eight are available. I addition to a plan of action in reference to physics, players must assess the castle and take into account the layout before choosing which weapon would be best for the job. In many cases, the most effective offence is also the most direct. A shot to the wall of the lowest level of the tower can bring down the floors above it along with the inhabitants of the floors. Of course, there are exceptions to this as some castles maybe single tiered, or laid out in a fashion which makes an alternate approach necessary. On most occasions, if the Trebuchet is released too early, the stone may fly over the castle and waste the shot, or it may fly at the perfect angle to knock the walls down. If the stone is released too late, it may drop to the ground with a thud or possibly roll a few inches toward the castle, but, unfortunately, not enough to make a dent in the fortress.

From the Main Map, players can choose to replay any of the levels they have completed in order to beef up their score and go for personal best records. Crush the Castle also offers a "Build Your Own" section in the Main Menu. Players will enjoy being able to construct their own fortresses and play with the stability of these towers. Once the player has chosen their layout and placed their royalty, they can test out their tower to see if they can beat themselves at either offence or defence. An option such as this one makes for a personalized game that can last as long as the gamers imagination.


Crush the Castle 1 game is a welcome to any player that desires a proper thinking puzzle. Physics games that can be played for hours on end, replayed, and personalized are rare, and Crush The Castle stands in a class all of its own with those distinctions. Available for free flash play, Crush the Castle, is an instant classic game by Armor Games, Namco, and the game's designer/programmer, Joey Betz.

Once you have finished smashing castles and besieging your enemy then you may wish to try Crush the Castle 2 Game or Sieger Game. Both are new to the free castle game series and provide further opportunities to crush your enemy in a royal blood bath!