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About Crush the Castle Players Pack

Crush the castle games take physics based flash games to another level. In a genre of happy and fun animation and characters, Crush the Castle stands out as a dark gem. Armor games offer this series in flash for free online gaming, but it is the community of fans that bring this edition, Crush the Castle Players Pack game, into existence.

crush the castle players pack screenshot

The premise of the Crush the Castle games are to destroy enemy structures with the help of a Trebuchet and a light knowledge of physics. Players time their shots to create maximum destruction. The castles, luckily, are usually highly unsteady contraptions built out of stone walls and flooring, wooden planks, and thatched roof pieces. Knocking down these castles might seem downright comprehensible to the untrained eye, but of course, it is the physics of the game that create the difficulty. Armed with only a Trebuchet and a few stones, players must lob the weapons at the castle at the perfect trajectory to hit them in just the right spot to make the entire castle topple. The goal of the game is to kill every King, Queen, Princess, Prince, Guard, or whomever may also be inside the castle walls. These characters die from direct hits from weapons as well as being crushed by the exact building materials that are meant to protect them.

The game offers a "Build Your Own" section, which has become wildly popular with members of the Armor games community. Gamers use the same items that the game's creators use to create their own castles, fortifying them to their best ability, placing people inside them, and then testing their stability against the Trebuchet. Once a gamer feels comfortable with their own creation, they can post them to the Armor games website for others to play. Crush the Castle Players Pack game is simply a compilation of 50 of the best user-created castles, and there are some terrific levels. The game runs just like the original versions of Crush the Castle, except players are crushing the castles of other fans of the game. Each user can name their castle, and their username is also displayed right below the castle name for ultimate bragging rights.

In addition to being a game full of fan-created levels, Crush the Castle Players Pack offers medals with distinctions. All castles display a predetermined number of shots needed in order to win Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal. Levels are played as many times as the user desires, making the attempt to earn all Gold medals possible. In addition, there is a "Build and Share" option for gamers inspired by the homemade castles they have just toppled.

The Players Pack edition of Crush the Castle enables gamers to pit their Trebuchet skills against fellow fans of the series. A game like Crush the Castle Players Pack provides an unlimited amount of entertainment between playing comrade's creations, and finding inspiration for building his or her own castles. This edition to the series is a fun way to keep players involved with the game for an extended amount of time.