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Defend your precious gems once again...

Cursed Treasure Level Pack (also known as Cursed Treasure 2) was released in May 2011 by Iriysoft. It is based on the hugely successful and entertaining Cursed Treasure tower defense game, which had come out in May 2010, exactly a year before this new Level Pack. The original game had only 15 levels, which while challenging didn't take a lot of time to finish. The Level Pack therefore has 15 more completely new levels designed to get the best out of you and make the game even more fun to play. Here are some of the key features of this pack:


There are a grand total of zero changes between the gameplay in the original game and Cursed Treasure Level Pack. This is actually quite disappointing because, great though the first game was, there was a lot of room and potential for the developers to improve upon the game and release a better product. Sadly, that ship has sailed, and now all we have are 15 more levels with the same towers and the same types of terrain.

For people who're going to get cracking on this series through the level pack itself, here's the rundown on how things work in the land of gems: You are a wizard with a hoard of gems that everyone from sneaky ninjas to gladiator-like champions would like to get their hands on. What do you do? You fight them, that's what. And not with itsy-bitsy swords, but with magic encased in towers. You have Dens, Crypts and Temples, which are filled with orcs, undead and demons respectively. Dens fire arrows and ballistas, Crypts release swirling shuriken-like charged bolts of, err..., something, and Temples shoot lava jets. Each can only be placed on a specific type of terrain, so Dens go on the Grassy areas, Crypts go in the snow and Temples can only be placed on dry land.

Much of this terrain is inconveniently covered with forests, so you can spend some mana to use the spell Cut Out and cut out some of those troublesome trees. Mana also allows you to use the spells Frenzy, which temporarily increases the shooting rate of all towers, and Meteor, which causes a meteor shower wherever you want it to. Mana is earned steadily over a period of time, and this rate as well as its limit can be increased through using the skill points that you gain from winning battles to gain some more skills.

There are also tiles like the Mana pool tile, which increases the rate of earning mana when a tower is placed upon it, and raised tiles, which increase the range of any towers placed upon it. Apart from this all of the towers can be upgraded, and you can eventually choose any one of the two upgrade routes that are available. All of this makes for a really interesting game which surprisingly doesn't receive anything new apart from the new, harder levels in its Level Pack avatar.

While there are no challenges in the form of new towers or powers to explore in this upgrade to keep you busy, there are certain levels that can certainly do the job. Now, one of the main things that would keep people busy while playing the original game was trying to get a Brilliant rating on every map they attempted. You could get that rating only if you managed to keep all of your jewels from getting touched, so it is a coveted achievement and very hard to get as well. Getting it on the last level is therefore the ultimate achievement, and we're going to tell you how to do that.

By level 15, you will have accumulated enough skill points and experience to have most of your mana and meteor attack based bases covered. There are actually three ways to do this. One is quite unreliable, one is strategic and in keeping with the ethos of this game and one is plain old simple brute force. First, the brute force method. Just maximize your mana limit, minimize the amount of mana it takes to spam a meteor shower and at the beginning of wave 39 in level 15, unleash it upon the world/5 ninjas that come running through. Use as many as you can but leave one for the next wave. That should be good enough for those ninjas provided your towers were a) there and b) fully upgraded. Without those, no shower on earth can save you. The final shower (maybe 2 if you're lucky), should be used as soon as the ninja enters so that he's uncloaked by the time he reaches the Gem crater.

Secondly, we have the Crypt spam method, which isn't entirely reliable but when it works, it works well. Place as many Crypts as you can close to the entrance and make sure that you properly mix up the Fear and Disarm upgrade routes so as to keep the ninjas occupied long enough for them to be uncloaked so that your regular towers can then get a piece of the action. If some make it alive, use a meteor shower. If the champion makes it out alive from the Crypt traps that you set for it, the remaining meteor towers should do the trick.

Lastly, we have the strategic route. In this one, save up some gold for the last wave and place 5 Temples as quickly as possible before the next wave starts. This will give you 100 mana from that talent, which you can use for a meteor shower in case you need it. Also, ensure that there is a fully upgraded Hellfire Temple at the entrance to daze and slow down the Champion and then kill him.

Meteor shower spamming is probably the best way to win Level 15 on Brilliant in Cursed Treasure 2 game, in fact it is probably integral to winning it. It works and is effective, but it isn't all that much fun.

Graphics and Audio

There are no changes in Cursed Treasure 2's graphics compared to the original Cursed Treasure. The colors on the interface and menu options apart, there hasn't been much in the way of change. There really didn't need to be any change either.

The audio is still one of the best things about the game. It works really well with the game and the sounds of laughter as your sworn enemies make off with or even touch one of your gems is so infuriating it can make your blood boil if you care enough. One remembers thinking that wanting to quell that laughter could keep you playing the game for slightly longer than you would normally play it, and that is still true for this game.


If it wasn't already clear enough, Cursed Treasure Level Pack is an addition to the original Cursed Treasure game, it isn't a separate game. Seen in that light, the game becomes a lot more fun and the new levels are great and engrossing. But you still can't help but feel that the developers missed a chance here and should have introduced at least some new features. All in all, this game will certainly not disappoint you if you want to have a great time playing Flash games.