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About Defend Your Castle

Stickmen can be daunting enemies, especially when they are banging down your castle door. In the Defend Your Castle game, players defend their castle against a horde of incoming stickmen armed with only their arms. As the stick men approach, players must fling them to their death in order to keep them from pounding down the castle door and defeating the player.

Defend Your Castle is a game which is as unpretentious as they come. Players use their mouse to pick up the stick men and throw them into the air, hoping they fall and splatter into a pool of blood. If the stick men are not flung up high enough, then they will land, and after shaking themselves off keep advancing on the castle. The basic game play happens in stages and each time a stage ends, the player may save their progress, in order to return if they are defeated in an upcoming stage or need to leave their computers even though the latter is a strange occurrence.

In between each stage, players will go to the "Upgrades" menu. There are a bunch of upgrades for players to purchase, and these upgrades are bought with the points earned in the previous stage. The available upgrades help with offence as well as defence. There are upgrades to the castle's ability to heal itself in increments of a 50+ heal, a 250+ heal, and a 1000+ heal. In addition, players may purchase wall fortifications, to raise the amount of "Health" in the castle's health bar. Buildings may also be purchased to help with your defence. There are Temples, Archer Ranges, Demolition Labs, Workshops, and Mana pools for purchase.

The game is incredibly sincere in its design. The screen is set up with a castle on the right-hand side and a field on the left. Above the castle is a health bar, which depicts the amount of health and regeneration the castle has at any given time. The enemy enters from the left-hand side of the screen and advances toward the castle. The game features stick figure animation that lends to the simplicity of the game, while also making it entertaining to play. There is no music set to the game. Instead, the game boasts a pleasant background of summer outdoors noises, such as birds singing and crickets chirping. The gentle sounds of the field are punctuated by humorous sound effects when these stick men die; they land with an audible "Splat!" and are reduced to a pool of blood. If the stick man survives your throw, then their noise is even funnier.

Players will enjoy the less than serious violence of the Defend Your Castle game. While Defend Your Castle is a flash game offered by Armor games and created by Xgen Studios, there is now a console based game available with slight upgrades, but the same overall premise as the original. The game offers a straightforward style, and a sizeable number of upgrades to add to the adventure. Defend Your Castle is a game that does not take itself or its players too seriously, and banks on the unavoidable truth that reducing stick men to a pool of blood can be seriously entertaining.

If you enjoyed the castle defense concept of this quirky little game then we would also recommend trying out elona shooter which offers a more enhanced gaming experience on defend your castle. Here instead of just flinging stickmen to their doom you need to fend of a whole series of creatures using a wide variety of weapons.