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About Epic Fantasy 3

The third game in the Epic Battle Fantasy brings players on a wild adventure with the famed threesome, Lance, Matt, and Natalie. Creator Matt Roszak plays heavily on the epic aspect of the game, taking players through an involved storyline full of attractive graphics, enchanting music, and more than a few chuckles along the way.

Three warriors, Lance the gunner, Matt the Swordsman, and Natalie the Magician return to the flash game field with more adventures and laughs along the way. When the trio decided to poke at a seemingly dead monster, they awaken the inner beast and find themselves in real trouble. Stripped of most of their powers and all of their weapons, the three find themselves in a strange land. Their quest to regain their powers and find their weapons takes them on an adventure that is, rightly so, extremely epic.

Players wander the town as the daring crew, talking to as many of the locals as possible. The controls are simplistic, the arrow keys, or W, A, S, and D control the movement of characters. The space bar causes character interaction with people and items. Each conversation brings the characters closer to finding out how to get their original power back. Townsfolk offer advice, tips, and the occasional side task. When players approach strange creatures, they engage them in battle. Once in battle, the game takes on the classic turn by turn based battle style. Players perform attack actions on the enemy as each character and then wait while the opponent chooses their move. The artwork is humorous but in keeping with the game. The creatures are anything but normal and perform wacky attacks upon the heroes.

There are four difficulty settings at which to play Epic Fantasy 3 game:

  • Easy - Players pit themselves against foes 30% weaker and 30% less effective than normal mode.
  • Normal - This is the standard game.
  • Hard - The enemy has 30% more power.
  • Epic - With a whopping 60% more power and various bonuses, these enemies are the toughest by far.

Epic Fantasy 3 game is a well-designed gem with a compelling storyline and attractive styling. There are humorous features intertwined throughout the game and players will find silly adult-themed jokes spattered among the normal dialogue and game play. The background music is pleasant, as it is not imposing, but adds to the ambiance of the game. This game is an entertaining romp through role-playing and turn-based battles that will keep players coming back for more.