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About Flash Empires 1

The Flash Empires 1 game takes the castle defence-strategy genre of games and adds a new spin to the ever classic style. In Flash Empires, players choose between tower defence, manpower defence, or a combination of both. With this freedom, players can choose which strategy will best work in their plight to defend their castle against the invading enemies.

flash empires 1 game

The game centres on the protection of a single castle, which becomes under siege by armed men. Enemies enter the screen from the bottom and make their way toward the castle, which is set in the centre-most top portion of the screen. The castle has a gun on top of it, which players aim and shoot using the mouse cursor. Two support buildings flank the castle itself; the three of these buildings house the games menus: Tower Menu, Upgrades Menu, and Infantry Menu.

From the Tower Menu, depicted on the left sidebar, there are four towers from which to choose:

  • Red Tower (Cost 300) - This castle is the weakest tower; however, it is also the cheapest tower.
  • Green Tower (Cost 500) - This tower shoots a fireball at enemies. The cost is higher than the red tower, but it is more effective.
  • Black Tower (Cost 1000) - The black tower is More effective than the Green Tower as the Black Tower shoots Uber Men which do sustainable damage.
  • Chuck Lee Tower (Cost 8000) - The Strongest defence item on this game but also the most expensive.

If players feel a little strapped for cash or land, they may sell the towers that they have purchased for a smaller-than-purchase-price rebate. You must simply press the "S" key and then click on any items that they wish to sell. Towers are an excellent means of defence. However, they are not indestructible. Their lifelines are shown above them in red, to display how much damage a tower has taken so far and how much more it can sustain before it disappears.

The Infantry Menu, when clicked shows up on the left sidebar. There are four items for purchase:

  • Soldier (Cost 50) - Cheap and weak, this unit is only equipped with a dagger.
  • Spear Man (Cost 150) - The spear man is essentially a soldier with a better weapon.
  • Calvary [sp] (Cost 250) - The Calvary is a Horse mounted soldier with a spear. This unit moves quickly but is weak.
  • Uber Man (Cost 1200) - The best infantry you can buy, the Uber Man moves quickly and is exceptionally strong.

The Upgrades Menu of this castle defense game offers an array of upgrades that allow players to spend their money on towers that are more efficient, have longer life spans, with better attack speeds. Players can track their progress via an information bar situated at the top of the screen. This bar shows information on the number of enemies killed, which wave the game is on, and available funds for purchasing upgrades or more towers/troops.

In Flash Empires 1 game, players can choose between Easy, Medium, or Hard settings for game play, allowing gamers to ease into the game before going into an all-out, no-holds-barred battle. The game also features a helpful tutorial at the beginning to walk players through the key actions and goals of the game. Flash Empires combines two common styles of defence games to allow maximum personalization and entertainment.

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