The Empire Strikes Back Again

Man your battle stations! The enemies are upon our walls and are ready to siege our keep. As the leader of the empire, the responsibility of keeping your walls standing falls upon your shoulders. Build up your castle’s defense and hire soldiers to fight for you in order to ward off invaders in this fast paced game of wit and strategy.

Flash Empires 3 is an online based strategy game inspired by the Tower Defense games genre. Your goal is to defend your castle’s wall from invading forces. Build defense towers that shoot different types of projectiles to fend off the enemy. Players can also hire Knights, Archers, Spear Knights and even a famous game icon from another game series. Place archers on top of your castle walls to snipe incoming enemies or unleash powerful cavalries of horse-riding knights to trample the invading forces. Warding off an invading horde has never been this easy or fun, so let the slaughter begin.

Defending the Walls

Unlike most Tower Defense games out there, Flash Empires 3 gives you the option of hiring Knights, Spear Knights and Heavy Cavalries to help defend your castle walls. These defense units can be placed on the battle field and can directly attack the enemy. While Archers and Cannoneers can be placed on your castle’s wall to snipe enemies that get too close to your doorstep. Here are the recruits you can hire to defend your keeping.

Knights – heavily armored soldiers that fight on foot. They attack with swords and cost 90 gold pieces.

Spear Knights – knights that are equipped with long, sharpened spears instead of swords. They can deal more damage than regular Knights; they can be hired for 130 gold pieces.

Heavy Cavalries – horse-riding knights that can move faster than regular Knights or Spear Knights. They cost 140 gold pieces but are well worth the price especially since they cost only 10 gold pieces more than the Spear Knights.

Archers – soldiers that wield bows and can be placed on your castle’s walls. They shoot arrows from a far and are great for doing range attacks on enemy soldiers. They cannot be damaged directly since they are placed on top of the castle’s walls. You can hire up to six (6) archers and they only cost 60 gold pieces per unit.

Cannoneers – soldiers carrying cannons that can do powerful range attacks from a far. They can be placed on your castle’s walls but only two (2) can be hired at a time. Cannoneers can be hired for 90 gold pieces.

Uber Man – this chomping yellow monstrosity is the popular icon from a popular arcade game. Powerful and hungry, Uber Man can easily devour the opposition. This is why he costs a whooping 350 gold pieces.

Hiring these mercenaries of war will definitely come in handy when it comes to defending your walls. Just bear in mind that they are not immortal and can be killed during battle, except the archer and cannoneers, so make sure to use them strategically during battle.

The Towers of Doom

A Tower Defense game would not be complete without the different defense towers that you can build. Sadly, Flash Empires 3 seems to be lacking a bit in terms of diversity when it comes to the different defense towers that you can build during the game. With only four (4) different defense towers to choose from, it seems the developer of the game is actually promoting the hiring of mercenaries rather than the building of defense towers. They are still the cheapest and the most practical way of defending your castle. Here are the four (4) different defense towers you can build and what they can do.

Red Defense Tower – the most basic of all defense towers. They shoot arrows and cost only 50 gold pieces. Their attack and defense are low and can easily be assaulted and destroyed.

Ice Defense Tower – these towers shoot ice arrows that slow enemies down by freezing them. They are not meant to deal damage on the enemy and should be built as support towers only. They cost 100 gold pieces each.

Cannon Defense Tower – a defense tower that shoots cannon balls instead of arrows.  They do strong damage and can take a decent amount of punishment from enemies. Each Cannon Defense Tower costs 150 gold pieces.

Uber Defense Tower – like the name implies. Uber Defense Towers are the most powerful defense towers you can build and can do a huge amount of damage to your enemies. They shoot cannonballs and can take a beating like no other defense tower can. Unfortunately, with a price tag of 550 gold pieces, creation of this tower will surely burn a hole through your wallet.

With only a limited choice of defense towers available, not to mention the ridiculous price of the Uber Defense Tower. We highly recommend building a combination of Red Defense Towers and Ice Defense Towers with a few Cannon Towers at the rear for your defense. Hire some Knights and Spear Knights to help defend your Red Defense Towers while filling your walls with archers and cannoneers. Combining both defense towers and mercenaries is the key in warding off the invading forces in Flash Empires 3.

Upgrading from Wood to Steel

Flash Empires 3 also provides the option of upgrading your defense towers, mercenaries and even buying Special Moves that can be used once a special meter bar is filled. There are different ways to upgrade your defense towers in the game. You can improve their damage by changing the regular arrows to fire arrows, increase their firing speed and even change the arrows to small Uber Men for massive chomping damage.

The mercenaries you hire can also be upgraded. You can upgrade their armor and weapons to improve their attack and defense capabilities. These upgrades affect both melee and range attacks so do not worry about your archers and cannoneers.

Special Attacks can be purchased also and can be activated once the special meter bar is filled and a requirement is met. There are three (3) special attacks available in the game. An arrow rain special attack that triggers after every 200 kills, a bomb barrage that can wipe out enemies and a black plague that lays waste to everything on the map. These Special Attacks are very useful especially later in the game when there are far too many enemies for your defense towers and troops to handle. All of these upgrades and Special Attacks can be purchased with gold. But do not worry, you only need to purchase them once for them to activate during the game.

The Last Empire Standing

While Hidden Ninja Games third in the series is not entirely revolutionary when it comes to gameplay, Flash Empires 3 delivers a fun and challenging experience to both fans of the genre and newcomers alike. With some decent looking graphics accompanied by good music and sound effects, the game can certainly keep anyone busy and entertained for a while. Players can also upload their hi-scores to the game’s online leader board to find out how their scores compare with other players from around the world. We humbly surrender a score of 82/100 to Flash Empires 3.

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