Kingdoms Under Fire

Rule, govern and conquer. These are the three main things a king should know and are exactly what you will do in Kingdoms at War. You begin as a humble ruler, but as your land resources grow, new opportunities open up and you become more than just a king but a conqueror as well.

Kingdoms at War is an online multi-player strategy game that allows you to build your own virtual kingdom. Players can expand their territory by exploring new lands and can build their own personal army. Wars can be waged against other players online to increase your wealth and expand your domain. Form alliances with other players by joining clans to accomplish Epic Quests that not only increase your fame but your treasuries as well. So raise your banner, summon your troops, it is time for war.

A  Land torn between Kingdoms

Like most online based strategy games out there, Kingdoms at War uses a map based interface to present the game’s virtual world. While some game developers opted to modernize their games by adding animations, virtual interfaces and other visual effects. The developer of Kingdoms at War decided to go with the old, tried and tested graphics from the past. This actually makes a lot of sense since the game is browser based and does not need to install anything in the player’s computer. Using an old school graphics engine also ensures that a lot more people will be able to play the game, even if they have a weak or old computer and a slow internet connection.

While it is beneficial, having a game with little to no animations can also be a hindrance when it comes to attracting new players to the game. Especially if these players are new to the game’s genre, which does not necessarily rely on fancy visuals.

Marching to the Tunes of War

While we can understand the lack of animations and visual eye candy, we can not really grasp the idea of not having music and sound effects in the game. Especially since other strategy based games have at least some background music and audio effects. And these games were also browser based and were released years before Kingdoms at War. The game is still enjoyable but having some music and sound effects would have immersed the player even more in the game. Since Kingdoms at War takes a lot of time to play, we advise playing some tunes on your MP3 players or Media Player to ward off the silence.

Playing as Lords and Kings

As the Lord or King (whichever title you prefer) of your kingdom, your job is to make it the largest and the most powerful one in all the virtual land. Players will need to explore and discover new lands to conquer in order to expand their domain. Once a new patch of land has been discovered, it can then be developed and be used as land on which you can build your barracks, stables, workshops and other structures you might need to develop your kingdom. Each structure you build can be upgraded or sold. Upgrading a structure can increase its attack and defense status while also improving the overall status of the units that the structure creates. Some buildings such as the Guild have a Unit Capacity status which pertains to the number of units it can contain per level. Of course, the higher the level of the structure, the more units it has.

Exploration and development cost resources but unlike most strategy games that has numerous types of resources, Kingdoms at War only has one and that is Gold. Players do not need to worry about harvesting wood, steel or any other form of natural resource. Gold is the only thing that matters in the world of Kingdoms at War so make sure to amass as much as possible if you want to have chance in becoming somebody in this game.

There are numerous ways to earn gold in Kingdoms at War. Doing quests is the easiest and the most reliable source of income at the beginning of the game. Taking up a quest is as easy as pie, just click on the Quest Tab at the top of the game screen. This will show you all the available quests for your current level and also the difficulty, reward and a brief summary of what the quest is about. Fulfilling a quest is instantaneous; you do not need to wait for your troops to mobilize and attack, unlike in other online strategy games where you will need to wait for each campaign to finish. This is something we really liked about Kingdoms at Wars since it does not eat up a lot of time to accomplish something in the game.

Another way to earn gold in the game is too attack a neighboring player’s kingdom. Spoils of war are given to the victor. While attacking another kingdom is a great way to earn gold also bear in mind that these kingdoms are owned by other players, so be prepared for some repercussions later. Expect also to lose a considerable number of troops during these attacks especially if the opposing kingdom is well developed. Attacking a rival kingdom is not the only way to gain riches from an opposing kingdom. Players can choose to just steal from their opponents to avoid unnecessary bloodshed. But if you are really looking for a fight, we advise making some necessary preparations first. Try doing assassination runs first against your opponent in order to weaken them and also do some scouting to determine your enemy’s strength. All of these are available at the Battle Tab at the top of the screen. Once you have chosen which kingdom to assault, you can choose Attack or Spy – which gives you the option to steal, assassinate or scout.

There is no I in Clan

A great way to become a prosperous ruler in Kingdoms at War is to join a clan. Becoming part of a clan not only provides you with allies willing to aid you in developing your kingdom, but it also allows you to join in Epic Battles. Epics Battles are special quests that can reward participating players with riches far beyond those earned from normal quests and kingdom raids. This is the best way to gain gold in the game, since the gold earned multiplies depending on your contributions to the campaign. We advise joining a clan as soon as possible to take full advantage of the Epic Battles, this will definitely help you in developing your kingdom much faster.

Ruling over all the Kingdoms

Becoming a supreme ruler is hard work but games like Kingdoms at War makes it fun and entertaining. While the game has its shortcomings especially when it comes to graphics and sound, it is still a good game. Especially for fans of the online strategy based games genre. New players might shy away from the game’s old school look but seasoned players will still play and enjoy Kingdoms at War thanks to its tried and tested gameplay. We give the game a ruling score of 80/100.

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