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About Knights Castle

Knights Castle is a defence game that pits players against wave after wave of advancing bad guys, who have set out to destroy their castle. The game is controlled by key strokes and incorporates the tried-and-true space bar to strike. The main premise of the game is to continue to swing a sword at the enemy to deflect spells or to strike, while attempting to avoid being killed in the process. Written by Eggy, of Eggys Games, Knights Castle game is presented by Armor Games for flash play.

There is a helpful tutorial at the bottom of the screen to walk players through the first few rounds and get them acquainted with the controls, which makes the game easily accessible to new players as well as defence game veterans. The game is primarily keyboard controlled. Players use the left and right arrows to control their knights' action. In addition to advancing and retreating, players command the knight to swing his sword at oncoming enemies by pressing the space bar. If the enemy's advances prove too strong, the player's character will die. While players do regenerate, the castle will be defenceless against the enemy while this regeneration process is in motion. There is a countdown timer on the gravestone to allow players to know when they will be back in the game.

The game consists of "waves" of enemies, which advance upon the castle similar to that of defend your castle. There are 40 waves altogether, each more brutal than the last. The top-right corner of the screen shows the current wave number and the number of enemies in the next wave, in addition to depicting a "Health Points" (HP) bar and an "Experience Points" (XP) bar. The remainder of the top row of the screen is dedicated to the spells purchased. Each spell has a numbered square in which it is pictured. Players can either click on these spells with their mouse or use the number keys to conjure these spells. Once deployed, each spell takes a certain amount of time to regenerate. The countdown timer is conveniently depicted on the spell's icon, for players to reference.

The "S" key takes players to the "Tech Tree," which is a menu where all the upgrades are available. The eleven possible upgrades stem from two main items: a Fire Ball and a Low Heal upgrade. The Fire Ball path includes upgrades such as additional fuel to the fire and meteor spells. The Low Heal path takes a more defensive approach and includes Holy Armor and an ultimate healing spell, Ball of God. Some upgrades cross over, like the Fire Angel, which is an upgrade that spawns from the Fuel and Holy Armor upgrades.

Knights Castle game features classic graphics with little in the way of frills. The background music is typical of many defence-style games, but the sound effects are better than most, considering the overall simplicity of the game. Both the sound effects and the music may be turned off separately, allowing players to add their own soundtrack, if desired. As an entertaining, fairly straightforward game of defence, Knights Castle is an enjoyable game for gamers who are new to the genre, while the cool upgrades and increasingly difficult waves will appeal to more expert defence gamers.