Age of Warring Empire Mobile Game Review

Age of Warring Empire

There is a massive saturation of games for mobile devices that allow you to take charge of your own little kingdom and ally with or attack other players –the most prolific of which would probably be Clash of Clans (or some other derivative thereof). Age of Warring Empires may just be another juch game in the massive pool of clones, but it manages to keep itself distance from the rest of the pack thanks to its’ more distinctively serious approach to both gameplay and aesthetics. Continue Reading

Release Date: 17/06/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Age of Warring Empires is a Castle Builder That Targets the Older Market

It is not that hard to understand the formula for F2P castle building games –there are plenty of them out there that share the same game mechanics. In fact, the only real difference is in the visual appearance. This is not entirely a bad thing, the reason all these similar games follow the same cookie-cutter gameplay is because it actually works. Players end up playing (and eventually, paying), making the game grow over time. Age of Warring Empires does fit the bill, but it separates itself from the pack with its slightly more serious artwork and less humorous approach to the delivery.

What is Age of Warring Empires?

This particularly long-titled, free to play, mobile app game is a kingdom-running simulation game with some light combat strategy involved. As with many similar games in the genre, you play as the chosen ruler of a kingdom and must make all the decisions about what buildings to create, what resources to farm, and what troops to produce. As your kingdom expands and grows, you will be using your military forces to both conquer new territories and defend what is yours. The game also provides a multiplayer component in the form of alliances that the player can join.

The battles are what makes this game a little bit different. When you deploy troops into battle, you are shown two different 3x3 grids where troops can be positioned. For the most part, the game’s automated system can be relied upon in order to draw out the best possible positions for your forces against regular AI controlled opponents. However, when you get to the late game, learning how to position your troops properly comes in a little handy –though in the end, winning by sheer numbers/level of upgrades still trumps any strategy there is.

All Those Details

Warring Empire can be summed up as the gameplay of Clash of Clans with the art style of Civilization. The game looks serious –no cartoony avatars, not lightly shaded environments. Shadows are darks, textures are heavy, and the way that the characters have been designed look like they were certainly not made for kids (the lady in the tutorial was wearing armor that would make even Princess Leia blush). Not to say that this is too adult-inclined. But if you wanted to play a castle building game without the common goofiness seen in a genre that mostly panders to the same folks who play Plants vs Zombies and Farmville, seeing something a little more serious is an appreciable change of pace.

The art itself is well done, from the character line art to the way that the little buildings are detailed and animated. Speaking of animation, it comes very tritely in the game, which is not really a bad thing since you will be focusing more on the menus. And speaking of the menus, there are plenty of it. This is a bit of a bad thing since navigating through the interface is a little time consuming (but at least it does not feel forced). The worst it gets is the slight delay in responsiveness which seems inherent to the app itself (as opposed to being a hardware issue), but that is mostly negligible in the long run.

Get Ready, to Wait

And like all games similar to it, there is a lot of waiting involved in the game. Sure, it is expected, but the lack of a proper queue can really make things feel like they are moving slowly. This is particularly true of the early game sequences, so be sure to be prepared for that. Resources also have to be manually tapped off the production buildings. This is actually a big pet peeve of ours as it feels like such a redundant chore (since it all just goes towards the default storage/warehouse/vault). Dealing with townspeople who cannot even be bothered to bring their own wares to the proper place is certainly not what rulers do.

The pace does get better after a while. Once you have stabilized your income growth and have started researching the different military classes you can obtain, the gameplay picks up and you can start enjoying sending your troops into battle. Even the opening fight pits you against Dracula (several of him even), not that anything particular special happens with that, but the little quirks of the game that pops up randomly certainly adds to its charm.

The Verdict: Not Quite There Yet

We highly recommend this to castle building fans looking for something else other than Clash of Clans, but still close enough. The game is paced in such a way that you can survive just by checking in every few hours and tap on the screen for about five minutes. Those looking for something with involving gameplay or deep combat mechanics will have to pass up as Age of Warring Empires’ simplified gameplay system feels a little too fast-tracked.

Rating: 83/100

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Age of Warring Empire is developed by Silent Ocean.

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