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Kingdom Rush Frontiers

It is so easy to get tired of entire game genres in this day age. Mobile apps are pretty much saturating the industry with tons of games for a single category. From match 3 to hidden object to time/resource management to tower defense games and more; add in the fact that most apps never really end and it becomes a pretty vicious cycle. Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a solid break away from all of that. While it does have in-app purchases, this game still provides a complete and satisfying game experience from the get go. Continue Reading

Release Date: 06/06/2013

Available on: iOS, Android

App Store Rating: 4.7/5

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Tower Defense Games are Still Fun: Kingdom Rush Frontiers Game Review

If you liked the original Kingdom Rush and Origins, then Frontiers is going to be a very easy game to transition to. If you have never played any game in the series, then jumping into this one is not a bad idea either. The story continuity is not the focus of the game –the tower defense mechanics are. And it is in the game mechanics that Frontiers truly shines. Hero stats persist through the levels and allow players to keep another degree of progress. Most of the towers have been changed with new features that fans will certainly love. And of course, the game’s ever-adaptive challenge design means that no matter if you are a hardcore or casual TD player, you will have something to enjoy in the game.

What is Kingdom Rush Frontiers?

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is a tower defense game that makes use of an interesting game mechanic: infantry. Aside from building towers that will attack enemy waves, players can also construct structures that will deploy units that will fight and engage the enemy. The point of a tower defense game is to prevent the enemy units from reaching a certain point of the stage. In order to do so, the player must strategically build attack towers in order to shoot down all the enemies. If enough enemies slip past your defense, you lose. To win, all enemy waves must be destroyed while keeping the number of enemies that slip down to a specific minimum.

In most tower defense games, you cannot build anything that directly obstructs the path of your enemies. In Kingdom Rush, you can deploy troops to do this. When an enemy is engaged with one of your soldiers, they are forced to fight the soldier one-on-one. This duel only ends when one of the participants die. While your troops are replenished by the barracks, the enemy units they kill or injured will less of a threat to you.

The Basic Strategy

The key to winning in Frontiers is in knowing where to build barracks in order to deploy your troops in right locations and then building the right kinds of attack towers to support them. It takes a bit of trial and error the first time around, but for those already familiar with KR’s 4 different tower types, not much has been changed.

Mage towers deal powerful damage, but tend to be slow. Archer towers are faster (they have a better rate of fire), have good range, and deal lesser damage. Cannon towers are ridiculously slow, but deal powerful splash damage to targets. Aside from the three above, players can build barracks which can deploy units into the field (be sure to use the rally point option to determine where the units will be deployed).

Heroes and Spells

New to the series is the inclusion of hero units that will level up in the course of the game. They gain experience points in each battle –regardless of whether you win or lose, so this means that they will continuously grow as long as you play. Their presence on the field may not seem like much at first, but as they gain levels and you assign new skills and abilities, they can be quite a formidable force to deal with and will be able to push back small groups of enemies on their own. The good thing about heroes is that they will revive on their own if they end up dying –which means that you do not have to babysit them at all.

Aside from Hero units, the game also makes use of spells. No resources are used up to cast a spell (one will bring down a rain of fireballs from the sky, the other spell will summon temporary ground units). Making use of the spells will begin a cooldown timer which will show you when you can cast the spell again. While casting reinforcements is pretty fast, the fireball spells will take a bit of time to refill so be sure to use it only when needed.

A Polished Game

While Kingdom Rush was originally just a browser game, Frontiers has been designed for mobile release. The larger buttons, easy to use menus, and even the in-game upgrade system all feel natural to use on a touch screen. This makes the game easier and faster to play than its’ desktop counterpart as you can instantly tap around the screen to instantly select buildings, do upgrades, and even give commands to your hero.

The Verdict: Easy to Love

You can expect to lost plenty of hours by playing this game. It is addictive and fun –especially since the stages are designed to give players a good deal of a challenge. The graphics are impressively well done. Made in the distinctive style of Kingdom Rush, this new game fits in with the previous titles quite well. The particle effects and attack animations have been updated and made even smoother in this latest game, but in general, it fits in with the rest of the series. If you have been looking for a fun tower defense game, you will not go wrong with Kingdom Rush Frontiers.

Rating: 95/100


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Kingdom Rush Frontiers is developed by Iron Hide Studio.

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