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Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is another free-to-play game laden to the brim with IAP’s, and yet it manages to still be hard to put down. While the market for the genre is already saturated with plenty of other titles like Clash of Clans (and all of which share the exact same game mechanics), there are a few ones that manage to give payers a unique playing experience. Royal Revolt manages to do this by providing the players with direct control over sieges. Yep, in this game, you do not send off your troops and wait patiently in some base –you get to join them directly from some rather interesting real time combat. Continue Reading

Release Date: 25/02/2014

Available on: iOS, Android, Windows

App Store Rating: 4.4/5

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Royal Revolt 2 Combines Good Gameplay with Eye Candy

The original Royal Revolt was plenty interesting –manually commanding your troops in a siege is actually pretty fun despite all the IAPs and waiting periods that the game implements. So it comes as to no surprise that this sequel brings more of the same, only with better graphics and smoother gameplay. Those migrating from the first game will find the transition to be rather smooth. And those playing this game for the first time will be happy to find that there is much more to do here that just tapping the screen for a few minutes then waiting for hours (and that is exactly what you get from other castle building titles).

What is Royal Revolt 2?

This is a castle building game with a heavy focus on real time combat. While you do build a small kingdom, create farms, taverns, blacksmiths, barracks and more, these things only serve as a secondary point of focus in the game. What you will be concentrating on is player versus player combat. This is where you are able to earn the most gold and it is the core priority of the game.

Your kingdom’s sole purpose is to provide you with strong troops and spells, as well as defend your own riches from other players. Each player in the game will create their own kingdom’s defense. You attack theirs, and they attack yours. Successfully breaking through a siege will earn you some cash and experience points –and you also stand to lose some gold if they break yours. The gold you earn from another player is then used to make your base bigger, allowing you to become better at sieges as well as improving your own defenses.

Waging War

Aside from the fact that the title really has nothing to do with the actual gameplay, Royal Revolt 2 is all about building a small army and then laying siege on your opponent’s kingdom. This is done in a real time battle where you directly control your character (the king, who uncharacteristically leads the front line in a siege), and then summon troops to support you. Aside from summoning your army, you can also cast magic spells and scrolls to unleash devastating effects on your foes. This is actually the part of the game that is quite fun and enjoyable as you directly determine how to best defeat other player’s unique defenses –it also teaches you which configurations for defense is more efficient.

That said, if you are not too fond of PvP content (as it does get a little too competitive at times), you may want to pass this game up. Sieges are pretty much compulsory in the game –you will not advance without it. There are no computer controlled opponents to lay siege on either. While you can try targeting inactive players with weak defenses (in order to avoid dealing with more active players and the threat of being attacked back), it is inevitable that at one point, other players will start engaging you and you will have to fight back.

Beautiful Graphics

It also helps that Royal Revolt 2’s visuals look incredibly nice and cute. The character animations are well done and it is easy to see which of your troops are attacking, moving, or taking damage in the middle of a fight. The handy little health bars that pop up on top of their heads will also give you a solid clue as to who is currently winning in an engagement. This combination of practical graphics that manages to be aesthetically pleasing is an instant win as most other games cannot even get that balance right.

Speaking of practical visuals, the user interface for this game deserves big props. There’s a single button that will instantly tell you how many of your potential queue lines are open –allowing you order upgrades and research commands across a variety of buildings without having to spend a single moment zooming in and out of your town and looking for the buildings are idle. When there is a prerequisite upgrade that is required, a helpful tap of a button will quickly bring up the necessary window for that upgrade. We love the way that the developers prioritized the needs of the players when it comes to managing the town.

The Verdict: Better than Clash of Everything Else

Royal Revolt 2’s base defense building system makes it more interesting to play than most of the other castle building games out there. While resource management still plays a part, your main priority here is to be able to keep attacking other players (which means producing lots of food for sieges). Players have to strategize constantly –making their defenses better and also learning how to deal with the protection of their opponents. It is a game that forces to players to keep thinking and evolving, making each successful siege satisfying, and each defeat a challenge to do better.

Rating: 89/100

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Royal Revolt 2 is developed by flaregames.

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