Castle Wars 2 Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

The War between Two Castle Keepers

As the Lord of the castle, the responsibilities of defending and managing your keep fall entirely on your shoulders.  You must learn and master the skills of war and must learn to manage your resources in order to defeat your rival from a land that is but a stone throw away from your door step. Become both savior and conqueror in this strategy based card game war simulator.

Castle Wars 2 is a mix between a strategy based card game and a tower defense game. As the Lord of your castle, you must manage both defending your keep and attacking your opponent’s castle. Your dealt cards can be used to do certain actions, such as attacking your enemy’s keep, building up you castle’s defense, setting up traps for incoming enemy soldiers etc. Each card has a requirement before it can be used; each requirement must first be met before the card can be played, so strategy is the key in managing your resources and winning the war of castles.

The Sights and Sounds of War

Visually, Castle Wars 2 is not something to write home about. It looks good enough and can certainly keep up with other browser based games out there. The game uses flash animation for its graphics and has enough detail to keep any gamer entertained, especially since fans of strategy based card games are not really in it for the visuals but the overall game experience itself. Just look at how popular Magic: The Gathering and card games such as Yu Gi Oh! are, these games rely on game play and not fancy visuals to keep their fans entertained. Still, having animated soldiers running towards your enemy’s keep and laying siege to their walls is pretty entertaining and is a great addition to the overall experience of game. The game also has the option to change each castle’s appearance, which we found really cool since we like making war with other people from around the globe. So if you have ever wondered what it would look like to see a European lord having war against an Oriental emperor, this is your chance.

Castle Wars has one of the best soundtracks we have ever heard from a simple online browser based game. Each music track has a certain theme to it, from an oriental theme to a more European medieval inspired music. The background music in the game is so well composed; we are betting that the developers hired some really talented composers to write them. Sound effects are also abundant in Castle Wars 2, with each unit having their own unique sound. Doing a specific action in the game also has a corresponding sound effect and really immerses the player in the game. While there are still some sound effects missing from certain actions that we really felt needed some form of audio effect, such as the firing of the catapult or the explosion from a bomb. These shortcomings can easily be forgiven since like we said in the beginning, these types of games do not really rely on visual and audio candy to make them fun.

Uniting the Two Kingdoms Under One Banner

As the game title suggests, Castle Wars 2 is all about laying siege to your enemy lord’s castle and uniting the two lands under one glorious rule, yours. War is waged by using cards to make certain actions play out in the game. You have a total of eight (8) cards for each turn and can use one card per turn. The cards are randomly dealt, once the player uses a card, that card is randomly replaced by a new one. Unwanted cards can be discarded and replaced by new, randomly selected cards each turn. Just bear in mind that you can only discard a total of three (3) cards per turn. One very important key strategy in Castle Wars 2 is knowing what each card can do and what are the requirements for using each card. Each card can be inspected by clicking on the Card Info tab on the lower-right corner of the screen. We advice both seasoned and new players alike to study each card beforehand, because knowing each card is very crucial in building your strategy during the game and also in order to save time during each player’s turn. It is just too annoying waiting for someone to play their turn because they were still reading each card’s information and knowing what it does, especially if you are playing against another person who is playing Castle Wars 2 for the first time.

Defending and Attacking

There are different types of cards in the game. Defense building cards, resource managing cards and of course, the all important attack cards. Each card can be used in exchange for certain resources. The requirements in using each card are pretty easy to understand and remember. They are also seen on the cards themselves so players will always know what is needed to use each game card. Defense building cards use resources such as bricks; attack cards use weapons or soldiers, while special cards use magic crystals. Knowing how to manage your resources is another key strategy in winning the war, not just in the games but also in real life. All your resources are shown at the top of screen with icons corresponding to each resource and numbers representing the amount available for each.

Since cards are randomly dealt and we do not really know what to expect in terms of what type of cards we are getting, the best strategy we can advise in Castle Wars 2 is to make do with what you have. Unlike in other strategy based card games out there, where you can build your own deck and have a bit of knowledge on what to expect, Castle Wars 2 does not give any hints on what cards to deal during each session of the game. While the option to discard a certain number of cards per turn is given, please bear in mind that this uses the entire turn and the cards replacing the discarded ones are random. So make sure that you are really out of choices before discarding any cards that you might need later on.

Castle Wars 2 offers a campaign mode where you can battle against the game’s AI. Your objective is to conquer the neighboring lands and unify the whole continent under your rule. You can pick whichever side you want, whether you want to be a European king or an Oriental warlord the choice is yours to make. The cards and resources are the same, so players do not need to worry about knowing what type of brick they use in Asian countries.

The game has a ton of options to a make it run as smooth as possible, even for low-end computers with slow internet connection speeds. You can turn the music and sound effects on and off and can even change the game’s overall graphics resolution to make the game run better on your computer. All of these can be accessed in the options menu, just click on the Gears Icon at the top of the screen.

The Winning Team

Overall, Castle Wars 2 is a good strategy based card game that can provide hours of challenging fun for both seasoned strategy based gamers and new players alike. Whether you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering or just wants to try out one of the most renowned gaming genres in the market, Castle Wars 2 is a great game to begin honing your strategic skills on. With decent visuals and a wonderful sound track, we highly recommend Castle Wars 2 to anyone looking for a fun and challenging browser based game, especially with the option to play with another person not just the game’s AI.

The game has a very high replay value, thanks to the random dealing of cards. So for those who will be playing again, do not expect the same experience. We really cannot wait for the third installment of the game and are hoping that more types of game cards are introduced to spice things up even more. We give Mads S Lundemo's Castle Wars 2 the right to rule over our land and the score of 83/100.