Castle Wars Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

About Castle Wars 1

Castle Wars 1 game is a turn-by-turn based flash game, available from Kongregate for free-play online. The game features a unique tactic, in that it is a card game in addition to being a defence/strategy game. The background music is a veritable lullaby, which highlights the explosion sounds when an attack is performed. The graphics are incredibly simplistic, are clean and attractive. In Castle Wars, Players may choose single, double, or multi-player options, allowing players to war amongst themselves. Additionally, players may choose beginner or advanced play.

The standard game play is straightforward, yet entertaining. There are four areas of skill: Building, Attack, Magic, and Tower. Within the Building skill, players must keep up the ranks of their builders as well as their bricks. In the Attack skill, players must tend to their ranks of soldiers and weaponry. The Magic skill pertains to magic ability and crystals. The final area is the most important, as the goal of the game is to be the first to build the tower to 100. The Tower area contains a wall, which serves as a buffer from attacks, and the tower itself, which must be not only protected, but also built up over time.

Players receive eight cards at the beginning of the game. The cards that players may use at that particular time are illuminated, for easy recognition. In the upper portion of the card is an icon, referring to one of the above mentioned areas of skill, and a number, which refers to the amount necessary in that particular skill to play said card. If a turn comes, where a player has no playable cards, they may discard a card and trade. This forfeits the turn, but allows the player a chance to get a card they can use.

Each card is labelled with a brief description of the action that will be taken, if the card is played. There are both defensive and offensive cards. At the bottom of each card, is a description of what skill the card either assists for the player or damages for the opponent. For instance, a Platoon card holds an attack level of six, meaning that this attack will deal 6 damage to the enemy tower. Another type of card, a defensive move, is the Fort card. This card carries a whopping +20 to the player's tower. However, this card also comes with a price. The card is only illuminated and available to play once the player has enough bricks.

Considering that there are cards pertaining to crushing the bricks of the opponent, players can be sure that keeping a supply of bricks or in turn destroying the enemy is necessary. There are also cards, which allow players to take items, such as crystals, from the enemy and add them to the player's own stash.

Castle Wars 1 game is fun, creative, and difficult enough for most gamers. A simple, yet entertaining fusion of strategy, defence, and card games, it is both fun and imaginative. The background music may lull players, but the strategizing will no doubt invigorate.

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