Gemcraft 2 Chapter Zero Game

This is a browser game and cannot be played on your mobile.

About Gemcraft 2: Gem of Eternity

Gemcraft 2: Gem of Eternity is a free online game and is the second in the series, serving as a prequel to the popular Gemcraft Chapter 1. The Gemcraft games are based on tower defence strategies. Players set up towers and traps to rain fire down upon the advancing enemies. The goal is to keep the enemies away from the Wizard Tower by shooting them into oblivion.

The Gemcraft 2 game play sets out similarly to the majority of every other flash tower defence game on the market. The enemy enters the screen and advances down a road, making a beeline to the Wizard Tower to destroy the player's defences, in this game's case, Mana. As the enemy makes its way down the road, stationary towers housing armed gems shoot at the enemy in an attempt to stop them in their tracks. Other defences, such as traps and overhead bombs, add to player's arsenal. The ultimate factor of the game is the Mana bar on the top of the screen, which shows how much Mana is left with which to defend the Wizard Tower. Lands are accessed through a Map between levels. Each land has a number of waves, shown on the left of the screen, which enter the screen and hopefully do not make it to their required destination. After all waves are defeated the player moves on, and returns to a map screen to choose their next land.

Mana is a popular life-force in flash games and that rings true with the Gemcraft 2 game. The top of the screen shows players the mana bar and how much mana they have at every level. The amount of Mana presently held is shown above the highest possible amount at that time. For instance, if a player has 240/2000 Mana, the amount they currently have to spend is 240 Mana, but they are able to earn up to 2000 in total. The player must protect their stash of Mana at all costs to stay in the game. Each time an enemy makes his way to the Wizard Tower the player loses mana in attempts to kill the enemy who has successfully slipped past your defence. Additionally, mana is also the currency in this game. Mana is used to purchase and develop gems, build towers, purchase mana pools, build traps, combine gems, and lastly, it is used to purchase bombs. These upgrades and purchases are key to building up the defence necessary in order to keep the enemy at bay and away from the Wizard Tower.

The aforementioned items available for purchase are all featured at the top of the right-hand side bar of the screen. When players have enough mana to purchase an upgrade, the upgrade becomes illuminated in a yellow colour. If the player does not have enough mana, the upgrade becomes a dull red colour, indicating that it is unavailable.

Each item available for purchase has its own distinct advantages; therefore, you should always select carefully:

  • Mana Pool - A mana Pool allows players to increase the maximum number of mana they are able to earn. For example, in the above instance, a player has 240/2000 Mana, after purchasing a Mana Pool, they will increase their Mana limit by one-half. Additionally, this upgrade puts the earning speed of mana at 5% higher than the previous level.
  • Gem Bomb - Gem Bombs are highly useful items when players are out of Mana, but have gems in their inventory and are facing a possible over-take by the enemy. The gem bomb acts exactly as its name implies. Players use the hot key "1" or "B" to activate the upgrade and then drag the gem of their choice over to the spot they wish to drop the bomb. It is a straightforward and effective tactic to help players that are otherwise unprepared for the wave at hand.
  • Build Tower - Players use the build tower upgrade to construct a new tower in which to build their gems. Towers are used to shoot at the approaching enemy, and are built along the side of the road each tower that is built can only house one gem.
  • Build Trap - Traps are placed on the road, where the enemy traverses. Traps do not shoot, rather, they act more as landmines and do substantial damage to the enemy as it passes over the trap.
  • Create Gems - The most integral item in the entire game is the gem. Each gem comes in a variety of colours and shapes, all which indicate different amounts of firepower, damage and skill. Each gem is used to either arm a tower or bomb an enemy.
  • Combine Gems - Combining is possibly the most useful item when the game progresses into tougher levels. Gems can be combined to create higher-level gems with increased firepower, better range, and other noteworthy skills. Additionally, items of benefit to the enemy, such as Beacons (which send significant assistance to the enemy throughout the waves) can only be destroyed by higher-level gems, which must be combined to be created.

Strategy guides are available through the Main Menu of the game, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the game as well as learn the best ways to take to take out the enemy. Additionally, the opening of the game features walkthrough-type screens that take players through the general style of the game, allowing new players to get to grips with the game before throwing them directly into a tough set of waves. After passing each land on normal mode, there are seven other modes to unlock, by either earning certain amounts of Mana, reaching a set level of Wizardry, or having a certain amount of Experience Points. This adds a considerable amount of length to the game, allowing players to enter as novices, with the help of the guides, and play until they are truly experts at Gemcraft.

This game is an excellent prequel to Gemcraft 1 and is highly ranked at castle games, something which is not seen too often in tower defence games. The graphics are nicely constructed. The background sound effects are minimal, with only the sounds of shooting, building, and exploding. This noninvasive mode of background noise allows players to listen to music of their own without losing any importance of the game itself. As a fun new game in the Gemcraft family, Gemcraft 2 game: Gem of Eternity is a sparkling diamond in the tower defence genre of flash games.